Quaylon SNAPS On His Sister In New "Life After Lockup" Sneak Peek

“Life After Lockup” Exclusive: Quaylon FINALLY Stands Up To His Family And Defends Shavel [VIDEO]

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for.

Quaylon And Shavel

Source: Love After Lockup / We TV

We’re just a day away from Friday’s upcoming episode of our favorite reality tv guilty pleasure – “Life After Lockup” and you already know we got you with an exclusive sneak peek clip! For this week’s exclusive, we see Quaylon’s side of the story, defending his actions with Shavel against his family. Check out the clip below:



Quaylon’s family have been at odds over his relationship with Shavel stemming back to the beginning of Love After Lockup Season 3.

The 29-year-old former felon’s mother believed that he was trying to use Shavel while he was in prison and even claimed that Shavel was trying to take him away from her at one point.

If you remember, Quaylon’s mom took Shavel to the side to question her about plans of having her son move to Kansas City out of fear he would potentially get sucked back into his old lifestyle.

This family has alot of drama and we mean A LOT, but according to All About The Tea, Shavel revealed during an interview that she and Quaylon’s mom are trying to mend their relationship with one another.

“Right now our relationship is OK. One minute we could be good and then the next minute we’re not,” said the 31-year-old entrepreneur. “Quaylon is her only son, so she’s very protective over Quaylon. She doesn’t wanna lose her son and as a Mother, I get where she’s coming from… but he’s a grown man and he needs to make his own decisions. I’m frustrated with her because she wants to take him immediately, but he’s a man and he’s going to make choices on his own.”

Whew chile!

Here’s what else to expect from the upcoming episode:

John’s release spells trouble. A mother-daughter crime duo reunite. Shawn makes a shocking discovery. Michael’s risky move may cost him. Brittany confronts her mom about her relapse. Quaylon loses it when his family pushes him to the edge.

A brand new episode of “LIFE AFTER LOCKUP” airs Friday, December 4 at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT on WeTV

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