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HBO's The Undoing assets

Source: HBO

Everyone’s still buzzing over the polarizing finale of HBO‘s 6-part limited series “The Undoing” that received very, very mixed reactions after a series of scandalous twists and sharp left turns that kept us glued to the TV.

While some viewers were content with the not-very-shocking ending, there were many, MANY people who scoffed at the twist-less finale that deflated the buildup to a potentially pearl clutch-worthy conclusion.

Now, maybe our expectations were a smidge too high after indulging in deliciously messy pop culture obsessions like “Big Little Lies” and “Little Fires Everywhere” but it’s understandable that people would expect more from a show about a narcissistic sociopath doctor who murders his side chick (and mother of his side baby) with a hammer while pretending to still have a job he was fired from and LYING (to literally EVERYONE) about his innocence.

“They told me. They said, “Oh, no, no — he’s guilty,” said Hugh Grant, reflecting on the moment he found out the controversial ending.

And I said, “Great!” Because it’s fun to be a killer sociopath narcissist. They then went away and wrote the subsequent four episodes. Although, when the sixth one arrived, which was only slightly before shooting, I was kind of guilty, but it was left slightly ambiguous.

I thought that was disappointing, and I think [director] Susanne Bier thought it was disappointing, so it was changed to make it much clearer. In fact, it was Susanne Bier who decided to shoot the murder itself, because once you’ve shot that, there’s no going back.”

What we can all agree on, though, is that the acting from top-to-bottom was excellent, especially from Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman, and breakout delight Noma Dumezweni who steals the show as a steely lawyer named “Haley Fitzgerald” in an Emmy-worthy performance worth the price of HBO Max alone.

How do you feel about the ending? If you could change it, what would it be? Tell us down below and peep the hilarious Twitter chaos over the finale on the flip.

“How I feel after the ending of #TheUndoing” – SAME

“The Undoing ending ain’t undo sh*t! I feel robbed and bamboozled. Then I look up the book it’s based on and it’s called “You Should Have Known” ….excuse me? eXcUsE mE?????” – *cackles*

“When I saw the ending #TheUndoing” – you and millions of others

“#TheUndoing got me looking like this in my livingroom!” – mmhmm

“The ending was mid but during this entire show I just kept thinking about how I wanted to be rich like the grandfather” – we felt this

“*me watching #TheUndoing finale*” – relatable

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“The f*cking ending to #theundoing” – mannnnn

“Controversially I think the ending of The Undoing was fine! I was whelmed!” – welp

“The ending of #TheUndoing it was who we thought it was.” – pretty much

“Give Noma Dumezweni her flowers.

She played the hell out of Ms. Haley Fitzgerald.” – we demand a spin-off!


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