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The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 5

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The never-ending “fight” storyline between Monique & Candiace continued during Part 2 of the deliciously messy RHOP reunion that delved deeper into the now infamous skirmish that dominated the entire season while pushing the other housewives to take sides.

Un-shockingly, Candiace claimed that Monique was well aware of people bullying her about the fight, and telling her that she “deserved it” but did nothing to stop it.

“She saw it, and she went to sleep at night, and she allowed it to be!” said Candiace.

“I don’t understand how she developed these narratives in her head, and it sucks that she’s doing it because she’s actually making it worse for herself,” said a stoic Monique.

Mo admitted that she felt triggered by Candiace because she put her hand in her face, under her chin.

Both Andy and the fellow housewives accused Mo of lying but in a shocking twist, production aired clips of the fight footage backing up her claims.

Mo also claimed she had dental records to prove that her lip was busted by Candiace’s glass during the dustup but Andy declined to see them.

For weeks, Candiace has cried and cried (and cried) over the incident that caused her to storm out in tears because she was still traumatized about what transpired. And, of course, Mo didn’t buy it.

Monique vs. Candiace Round 980558476 comes just a week after Monique vs. Gizelle & Jamal Bryant that gave us a good cackle when the Pastor himself responded.

In a now-deleted video, Pastor Mally-Mal attempted to clear up the messy rumors about his scandalous shenanigans brought up by Monique at the reunion.

He also diagnosed Monique’s former NFL All-Pro husband Chris Samuels with CTE (serious brain condition that causes violent behavior) and claimed that the future Hall of Famer exploded on a woman at the grocery store without any proof or a single receipt.

What he didn’t do, though, is defend ex-wife Gizelle who was willingly entangled with him while he reportedly hopped from church member to church member during their whatevership.

Oh yes, the MESS overfloweth with the last part of the 3-part reunion special airing this weekend.

What was your reaction to Andy seemingly taking Candiace’s side? Should Monique just apologize and move on? Tell us down below and peep the absolute messiest tweets from Part 2 of the Reunion on the flip.

Please don’t EVER do this again” – oh but she probably will

“Her a** always crying 🙄 #RHOP” – ALWAYS

“If Robyn wanted to make an impact it should have been this” – *cackles*

“And the Razzie awards for best supporting actress in “Fake A** Meltdown” goes to… Candice!” – she earned it

“I know Robyn’s not talking all this sh*t with some tire marks in her hair” – yiiiikes

“A preview of next week’s episode” – noooooooo

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“Serious question….

What does Robyn bring to the show besides tax debt, ugly bedazzled hats and a horrible reunion wig???” – poor Robyn

“When Monique said this lil check is nothing compared to what her husband brings in… and everyone else just stared silently… because they couldn’t relate” – oop!

“Someone sent me this and I’m screaming” – pettyyyy

“LOVE that we get to see the allies split into their lunch groups!!” – LUNCH GROUPS

“Candace talks so much sh*t, but cry every chance she get. Like girl goodbye” – if only she fought like she talks

“Candice’s mouth is still reckless and slick. I want Monique to tap that a** again. Sorry if you disagree but I said what I said. She is no victim” – we don’t condone violence but…

“When you live in a townhouse but describe other people’s homes as cozy” – nooooooo

“Andy doesn’t condone violence buttttt let Teresa from RHONJ push him down to his seat to try and hit Danielle 🤔🤔 andddd shes still on the show soooo 🤔🤔 make it make sense, Andy” – wowwwww



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