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Let the church say; WELL DAMN.

Monique Samuels & Gizelle Bryant


On Sunday, the three-part RHOP reunion kicked off with a binder full of shade and someone getting absolutely obliterated to biblical proportions.

During the sitdown, Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Candiace Dillard, Dr. Wendy Osefo, and Monique Samuels recapped the season on a Portugal themed set while donning various shades of yellow. It also marked the first time Monique and Candiace were in the same room since their winery fight.

The ladies dished and debated on a number of topics; Karen’s nose filler, alleged colorism against Candiace and Wendy who’ve been dubbed “aggressive” and Candiace’s consistently problematic tweets.

Things got ESPECIALLY interesting however when Gizelle was asked about her relationship with her ex-husband turned boyfriend Jamal Bryant.

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Karen Huger expressed doubt about Gizelle’s relationship with the Pastor and called it a “business arrangement” before bringing up those allegations that Jamal had a baby with another woman, allegations Gizelle and Jamal have both vehemently denied.



Monique then chimed in and said she had text messages from Jamal’s real girlfriend, a fellow Pastor who sent her texts and pictures of the man of God in her bed. She then picked up a color-coded binder and read out texts of the Pastor allegedly downplaying his relationship with Gizelle. Monique also read out Jamal’s phone number and Gizelle begrudgingly confirmed that the number was indeed his.

After reading off the texts Monique ended with this;

“If you’re going to come for my family and my relationship, I’m coming right back to you,” Monique said adding, “Your pastor boyfriend is swinging his big D around his congregation, even in Atlanta as we speak and you know it. You’re a fraud.”

Someone, PLEASE put Jesus on the main line.


Back in May, Monique actually warned Gizelle that this could happen.

After Gizzy sent her shade on Watch What Happens Live Monique threatened to release the damning text messages about Gizelle’s “fake relationship” but ultimately decided against it.

“Reading through these text conversations… Super Juicy!! Wow! Should I? Or shouldn’t I post? That is the question… I don’t like fighting dirty… but don’t push me.,” wrote Monique.

[…] But yet they say I go to blogs?! Please! I’ve had these receipts in my phone for almost a YEAR. I don’t need to leak… that’s what they do. Tried to show mercy but these Twitter fingers are getting itchy.”

Looks like Gizelle pushed Monique just a little too far.

Fans are eating up Mo’s juicy reunion reveal and calling it a top moment in housewives history. They’re also sharing memes about the epic read.

What do YOU think about Monique Samuels shading Gizelle Bryant during the RHOP season 5 reunion???

See what Monique has to say for herself on the flip.



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