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“Is Jamal Coming? Well, apparently he’s here.

UNCF Atlanta Mayor's Masked Ball Atlanta 2019

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Christ has been called and receipts have been resurrected (again) regarding a Bravo show. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church head Jamal Bryant, who Monique Samuels called “Pastor Holy Whore” at The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion is issuing a messy response to the reality TV show’s drama.

As previously reported Monique went viral after shading Gizelle Bryant with a binder full of “receipts” alleging that her relationship with the Pastor is fake. Mo exposed text messages allegedly between the Pastor and his real girlfriend and Gizelle begrudgingly confirmed that the number in the texts belonged to Jamal. She then looked dejected as she confirmed that he wouldn’t be in attendance at the reunion.

Now it looks like the Pastor’s finally in attendance, on the Internet at least, and he’s defending himself.

After at first saying on social media that he was “unbothered” by Monique’s accusations, Pastor Jamal Bryant responded with a looooong Instagram Live and a binder of his own that he dubbed a “cash register.”

“Let me say to you I have been delayed trying to honor the wishes of Gizelle who asked me not to respond not to say anything,” said the Pastor. “I thought it prudent that I not remain silent so that my silence will not be confused with consent.”

He added that his Live will not be an apology/confession or “asking for anybody’s forgiveness”, but a way to provide clarity.

The clergy member noted that he’s long been against reality TV because he “doesn’t think that it represents the best of who we are” but agreed to appear on RHOP as part of “baby steps of reconciliation” with Gizelle. He’s now changed his mind and “won’t appear on #RHOP ever again.”


The Live later got especially juicy when Jamal brought up Monique Samuels’s binder and the text message receipts she read at the reunion.

“You can’t bring me receipts if I got the cash register,” said Bryant. He then delved into the story of the woman whose texts were sent to Monique. According to the Pastor, they’re from a woman in New York he dated while single.

“In case you all missed it I’ve been divorced for 11 years and single people date,” said Bryant. “Nothing immoral, illegal or unethical took place, it did not work out. I’m not married i’m not engaged, you can’t have a mistress while you’re single.”

After addressing the breakup with the woman, he addressed Monique Samuels directly noting that they’ve never met in person before denying sleeping with women in his congregation.


Hit the flip for more of Jamal Bryant’s comments to Monique.

During his Instagram Live, Jamal Bryant clapped back at Monique’s “Pastor Holy Whore” nickname.


UNCF Atlanta Mayor's Masked Ball Atlanta 2019

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

“You labeled me a ‘Holy Whore.’ I’m not sleeping with anyone in my church,” said Bryant. “I have no babies in my church. I have no inappropriate relationship with anyone in my church.”

He then shaded Mo for “trying to redirect” attention from that shady rumor that her youngest son is the son of her personal trainer, not her husband.

“That’s what got your husband upset,” said the Pastor. “Because he thought Gizelle leaked it and I want to tell you Monique and Chris [Samuels] it is not Gizelle who leaked that but your best friend Gigi. We had nothing to do with it.”

If you pay attention, Mo said herself that Gizelle didn’t START the paternity rumor and acknowledged that the ex-bestie did, but Mo accused Gizelle of “plotting” to bring it up at the #RHOP season 4 reunion.

Jamal then alleged that Chris Samuels had “misdirected rage” and alleged that he tried to attack Gizelle and Robyn Dixon at the #RHOP Reunion. He also said that the former NFL player was suffering from degenerative brain condition  CTE and was recently seen yelling at a woman at a local grocery store.

“Monique you all have my phone number as you expressed on the show but I had you all’s address,” said Bryant. “Chris you’ve got to take care of your CTE. Some of your former teammates contacted me, they’re concerned.

During the Live Jamal also acknowledged Gizelle’s father Curtis Graves who made the comment that Jamal has “six or 7 baby mamas.” Jamal didn’t acknowledge if what Gizelle’s father said was true but noted that he understood the 83-year-old’s feelings towards him because he “broke his baby’ girls’ heart.”

Jamal Bryant ended his Live with this note; “I live in Atlanta but I’m from Baltimore.”


WHAT. A. MESS. Whose Pastor is this?!

Will YOU be watching part 2 of the RHOP Reunion??? It airs Sunday, December 20, at 9:00PM ET/PT and Part 3 airs Sunday, December 27, at 9:00PM ET/PT.

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