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FEMA officially names Los Angeles County the most dangerous place in America after considering several factors.

Los Angeles County Beaches

Source: (Photo by APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images) / (Photo by APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images)

As COVID-19 continues to dominate Southern California, many are fleeing to Texas. Elon Musk, most notably, has up and moved to Texas with plans to move his company, Telsa, there as well–And many other corporations have already mentioned following suit.

With everyone working from home and seeing how well it’s, working why to stay in California and pay high taxes if you’re one of the wealthy? While California tries to keep its businesses from leaving, FEMA has decided to release a new report focused on natural disasters and has named Los Angeles county the most dangerous area to live in America. According to Complex, COVID-19 wasn’t a factor in the study, making everyone look a little closer at the report.

The calculations are based on an index that measures how often disasters happen, the size of the population, how much property could be damaged, how socially vulnerable the population is, and how adequately an area can go back to normal.

Los Angeles’ density makes it a primary target for disasters. FEMA’s top 10 unsafe places are rounded out by three counties in New York City—The Bronx, New York County (Manhattan), and Kings County (Brooklyn)—Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, St. Louis, and California’s Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

With fires getting worse every year and earthquakes happening often, it’s easy to understand how Los Angeles County took the top spot. Hopefully, these natural disasters never happen, but we already see the impact of global warming year after year.


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