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Family Of Keyon Harrold Jr Demand Assault Charges Be Filed After False Theft Charges

Source: Scott Heins / Getty

14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. was attacked by 2021’s most infamous Karen thus far, Miya Ponsetto, after the 22-year-old accused the Black teen of stealing her lil’ funky a$$ iPhone at a SoHo hotel.

Subsequently, Miya gave an interview with Gayle King that set the internet on FIRE. Her indignancy and inability to accept responsibility for her false accusations and physical acts of aggression were not only appalling but infuriating. We’ll keep it decent with you, if we were Keyon’s parents we would be dreaming nightly of laying hands on this egregiously entitled Ewok, but we digress.

Keyon Harrold Sr. and his wife Kat Harrold both spoke to King on CBS This Morning following Miya’s arrest. Suffice to say, they are elated that she has been charged and hope to see justice carried all the way through to the finish line as opposed to what we typically see, judicatory mercy.

“I’m happy that she’s been arrested but that’s only the first step in a very big conversation that needs to happen here in America that has to do with racial profiling. If I had done what Miya Ponsetto did to my son, I’d be in jail now”, said Harrold Sr.

The emotional Grammy-award winning jazz musician shared towards the end of the interview that the family seeks change for Ponsetto’s egregious actions.

“I think the idea of justice just like the idea of the apology is so much more than just saying I’m sorry because people could just say I’m sorry and it’s empty. Justice has to do with change,” he added

Gayle revealed that Keyon Jr. is still healing from Miya’s vicious attack. He’s currently seeking therapy.

We hope this flippant Karen gets what she deserves!

Press play below to peep the interview in full.





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