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Cardi B isn’t here for haters trying to bring her down, so she’s letting everyone know how confident she is in her own skin.

Cardi B Sighting - Atlanta, Georgia

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The rapper took to social media on Tuesday to respond to critics of her bare face, which fans got a glimpse of in some behind-the-scenes footage of her latest music video, “Up.” Some fans think Cardi’s been experimenting with plastic surgery since her rise to fame, and because of those allegations, the Bronx native decided to reply to all of the hoopla in a video.

In the clip, the rapper explained how great she feels without wearing any makeup.

“This is me without no makeup. No filter,” she said. “You can see all the little blemishes on my face. S**t you can see my lips all chapped. I’ve been biting it all night. I just woke up 20 minutes ago. Didn’t even brush my hair. Like I feel good!”

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper went on to voice her frustration with people online who try to bring her confidence down “every single time a b***h is feeling good.” But according to Cardi, “That don’t work with me anymore.”

“I just want to let y’all know that I feel comfortable in my skin, that I’m great, that I’m happy,” she continued. “My record is doing great and just because you got so much hatred in your heart when I do great, y’all want to put it down, you can’t. Ima stay on top with this face, with this natural face, makeup or not, a b***h is doing good.”

While she insists she’s too confident for people to tear her down, Cardi went on to tweet about her frustration with the constant negativity toward her.
“I’m tired of people coming for me,” she said. “It’s going to be a day when I explode and I really don’t want to go back to my old self .”
She also addressed the critics again in a video that ended with her showing off a brand-new Birkin and her song “Up” hitting #1 on iTunes.

“Sometimes the devil be trying to work but the devil don’t’ come himself in his form, he sends the miserable b****s and n***s to do his work,” said Cardi. “B***s is tryna put my spirit down, bring me down, usual s***, right? Sometimes God shows up like, ‘daughter, stop playing!'”

She then showed that her song “Up” is #1 on iTunes.



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