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Derek Chauvin‘s criminal trial for the murder of George Floyd is in its beginning stage and Bossip will be reporting on any and all developments that take place so that you have the most accurate and up-to-date info available. Today, USA Today is reporting that Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill is considering delaying the jury selection process after defense attorneys for Chauvin argued that the announcement of the historic $27 million settlement awarded to George Floyd’s family would taint the jury pool. Many jurors will rightfully think to themselves, “well, if he isn’t guilty of anything then why would the city pay the family $27 million?” That is because Chauvin is guilty.

Moreover, as we mentioned in a previous post, it doesn’t matter how long you wait or if you change the venue of the trial, the whole country saw the George Floyd murder video. The whole country watched the summer of protest that followed. Everyone knows about this, has read about this, had talked to friends and family about this. Finding some idealistic impartial jury is a wild goose chase.

That said, nine of the twelve jurors have already been selected so let’s take a look at how they break down demographically based on the reporting.

“Five of the jurors identify as white, one as multiracial, one as Hispanic and two as Black, according to the court. Seven of the jurors are in their 20s or 30s, and two are in their 50s.”

Being that there are three more jurors to select and five of those already chosen are white, we’d prefer not to see another white face. Five is more than enough and anything more will have a serious effect on the public perception if somehow Chauvin is allowed to walk scot-free. It is promising that seven of those already selected jurors are younger, however, as we’ve seen, younger people are just as capable of being racist pieces of s#!t as old heads.

We’ll see what Judge Cahill decides.


You can watch the live stream of the jury proceedings in the video above.



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