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This woman’s testimony is important.

Co-host Erica Cobb and Alleah Taylor on “Daily Blast Live”

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It’s been a few months since we first reported about former Seahawks lineman Chad Wheeler’s near-deadly attack on his then-girlfriend Alleah Taylor. Today we have exclusive clips from Taylor’s interview on the nationally syndicated talk show, “Daily Blast Live,” which airs later today, Tuesday, March 16. In the exclusive daytime interview with “Daily Blast Live” co-host, Erica Cobb talks to Alleah Taylor as she speaks her truth and lets everyone know why she won’t be silenced following an alleged attack by ex-boyfriend Seattle Seahawks lineman Chad Wheeler. Probably one of the most compelling parts of the interview is when Alleah admits she hesitated before deciding to press charges. Check out the clip below, WARNING, there are graphic images included:

Taylor on her decision to press charges:

“I remember at first, the first week or two after I was still able to contact his dad and I was texting his dad asking if Chad was okay. And then I had to take a break and take a step back and ask, ‘Wait, I almost lost my life in a brutal, brutal way.’ I had to stop and think if I wouldn’t have called the cops my family could have found me that way. It took me a while before I even decided to press charges because I had to actually put myself on the back burner and think what if this happens to another woman, as much as I do care and love him, God forbid this happens to someone else.”

Taylor on why she thinks Chad should go to prison:

“This isn’t the first run-in he’s had with the cops in a violent manner. I just feel like he needs to understand the consequences of what he did. He almost took my life, and he knows how important I am to so many people in such a brutal way, and then he expected to go on vacation still which was odd being in court hearing that he still wanted to go to Hawaii after. I just don’t think that he fully understands the consequences. I just don’t think that him not going [to prison] would be beneficial to him or public safety at all.”

We’re so glad Alleah is continuing to speak out. It’s not right that so often victims are silent. So many times women do not press charges and so many return to these toxic relationships only to have the cycle repeated over and over, sometimes with deadly results. Alleah is brave to continue facing the issue head-on and demanding justice for herself.

When you continue, more quotes from the interview as well as another clip.


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