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#BlackInk Exclusive Suzette Samuel Talks Entrepreneurship, Her Tattoo Shop Sweetie Ceaser & THAT Social Media Spat

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Back In January, Ceaser’s teenage daughter Cheyenne made shocking allegations that her father attacked her while she took a shower in a dispute over dirty dishes and Suzette responded [harshly]in her man’s defense. After catching flack for her words about the teen, Suzette told BOSSIP that there’s more to the story and it will play out on this season of Black Ink. She also sent out a message to women who “use children as pawns.”

“Imma just say this, it’s hard to co-parent with a parent who make it hard,” said Suzette on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I feel like us as women we need to do better, we need to stop using children as pawns against the other parent whether it’s the baby mother, the baby father because it goes both ways. I can’t say too much but listen, that’s what y’all need to tune in because all of that is addressed—what really happened, what really went down. What the public saw in January, we was dealing with for months. Of course, people gonna judge me and they gonna say what they gonna say but once they actually hear my side and what we went through prior to it being a public engagement, people gon’ be like—-cause it’s an everyday question situation.

“People go through this s***all the time,” she added. “When you’re one way and you got a partner and y’all both have kids and everybody’s coming together, it’s drama. It’s different emotions that bring about what’s going on on both ends. That is actually definitely coming up in the show because that’s really something that happened in real life and it’s gonna be addressed and it’s spoken on.”

When a #RealityRecap viewer pointed out that she’s not the stepmother to Ceaser’s child, Suzette clapped back…

“Let me make this clear, at the end of the day if I’m helping to take care of a child, if I’m watching a child, feeding a child, making sure she’s okay and she’s in my household, I don’t have to be a stepmother,” said Suzette on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I’m still somewhat responsible for that child. A lot of people are like, “Oh you’re not his wife! You’re not this, you’re not that.’ I wasn’t his wife when her mother sent her to stay with us.”

“No, she’s not staying with us [any longer] It was us: me, my [two] kids, her [Cheyenne], and Cease,” she added. “We were in the household together prior to us buying the house. We bought the house because it was all of us, so we said; “You know what? We might as well just get a house.”

before closing with this message about tuning in for the “truth.”

“Like I said, people are gonna speak on what they don’t really know—-you know the blogs are messy, they’re not gonna post everything, they’re gonna post bits and pieces. They posted me snapping and that’s why somebody was like, ‘Are you gonna apologize?’
They posted me snapping, but they didn’t post what brought me to get like that. I’m human, I have kids too. My kids are not social media kids, so nobody knows but y’all gonna find out on the show what actually happened—what lead to that point. Imma leave it at that.”

As previously reported Ceaaser released a statement denying physically abusing his daughter while asking for privacy.

Will YOU be watching #BlackInk to see the “truth” and to formally meet Ms. Suzette Samuel? See her #RealityRecap in full below.

“Black Ink” airs Mondays at 8/7 c on VH1.



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