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Sunday’s premiere of The Real Housewives of Potomac did NOT disappoint and included a “fiery box” Vs. “broken ding dong” dustup and a proudly knifed-up newbie.

The Real Housewives Of Potomac

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo


On the Bravo show, viewers saw Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Karen Huger, Robyn Dixon, and newbie Mia Thornton attend a nude-themed party at Dr. Wendy Osefo’s home where the four-degreed professor showed off her breast augmentation results.

Wendy’s new boobs were teased as two surprise guests for the evening before she revealed them to the girls.

“I felt as though there was a point in my life when I realized I’m living for my children. I’m not living for myself,” said Wendy. “After I was done pumping with [my youngest] Kam, I said to myself, what am I going to do for me?” she explained. “I said, ‘It’s time that you do something for yourself and something that makes you happy.’ So I want to introduce you guys to my new friends, [Happy & Ness].”

Wendy added that she had a few more “tweaks” but stopped short of admitting to knifing up anything else, although Karen noted that Wendy’s face looked “refreshed.”

Not only that, but when newbie Mia pressed Wendy to reveal her additional surgeries, the Johns Hopkins professor got a little testy and asked Mia to reveal her own work because “it looks like she’s had a lot done.”

Mia Thornton

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

Mia however was unphased and said “everything, honey!” before ticking off a laundry list of procedures including “four boobs”, abdominoplasty, fillers, lip injections, “her a**” and a “work on her clit.”

“I’ve even had my clit worked on,” said Mia. “After you have children it’s large and you make it tight.”

Okaaaay! Thanks for sharing, sis!

Later, an angry Gizelle tried to tear into Karen because she was still salty over The Grand Dame’s questioning of her relationship with Jamal Bryant. Remember Karen and Monique Samuels’ “Is Jamal coming? Of course not” shade at the #RHOP reunion?

Gizelle: “We all know I can’t stand Karen…”

Karen: “The feeling’s mutual.”

Gizelle: “Me and drunk Karen will probably never be good. So, I have decided that I’ll just tell the truth — your whole truth, your drunk truth, your cheating truth…”

Karen: “Shut up, just shut up!”

Gizelle: “I’ll spread it out over time, don’t worry. I won’t tell it all tonight, I’ll spread it out.”

Karen then turned up the heat [pun intended] and alleged that Gizelle has a “fiery box.”

Karen: “You want to talk about your fiery box that’s on fire and that’s why you can’t keep a man? Do you want to do that?! Oh yes she has a hot box. Tell everybody what’s going on between them legs of yours.”

Candiace Dillard who wasn’t present at the dinner reacted to the moment on Twitter.

Gizelle played it off in a confessional and said she had a “WAP box” compared to Karen’s “dry box” and the argument continued with allegations of “broken ding dongs” and hints that Gizelle’s ex was “putting his ding dong in everyone else’s vagina.”

Karen then ethered Gizelle with a comment about her alma mater Hampton University and a mention of Sing Sing, a closed prison in Ossining, New York.

Gizelle: “She’s obsessed with my coochie, because we all know the dingdong at her house is broken.”

Karen: “Gizelle, what you will not do is disrespect my husband when your dingdong is in everybody else’s vagina.”

Gizelle: “At least it works…”

Karen: “You’re a broken wh*re from Hampton University and everybody knows it and that’s why we went to Sing Sing.”


The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 6

Source: Bravo / Getty

If you’re really curious, Karen’s offered a bit of an explanation. Hit the flip.

Karen Huger was a guest on “Watch What Happens Live” and she explained her “fiery box” battle comments to Andy Cohen alongside Mercedes Javid of “Shahs of Sunset.”

Karen Huger And Mercedes

Source: Bravo / Watch What Happens Live

According to the Grand Dame, you know what she means by calling Gizelle’s vagina “fiery” and the “ding dong” she was referencing was indeed Jamal Bryant’s.

“Everyone knows what a fiery box is, so you guys fill in the blank—you’re not going to get me to say it. The fiery box and hot box go together.”

She also stuck by the “broken wh*re from Hampton shade because “everybody knows that” and she admitted to being confused about Sing Sing. According to Karen she thought Sing Sing was a “looney bin” and she wanted to add “comedy” to their fight.

“Gizelle is really good at sparring and she likes to pull you into her darkness. “I said Sing Sing because I wanted to come back into the light and I never knew Sing Sign was a jail, I thought it was like a looney bin or something. I was just trying to make light of a dark situation between two old friends.”



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