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We’re still recovering from Part 1 of Bravo’s THREE-PART RHOP Reunion that snatched us completely bald by the end of the gloriously spicy spectacle where Monique and her now infamous binder (with an assist from the Grand Dame) left Gizelle absolutely speechless.

It was the moment we had all waited impatiently for that proved just how gloriously messy Monique is after weeks of being judged, shaded, and excluded by the cast after her wig-tattering kerfuffle with Candiace.

In fact, the Portugal-themed reunion (that taped for ELEVEN HOURS) marked the first time she and Candiace have been in the same room since their Cabernet combat.

At this point, it’s safe to say Monique cemented her spot in the Housewife Hall of Fame with her iconic binder moment where she pulled up text messages from Jamal’s real girlfriend, a fellow Pastor who sent her texts and pictures of the man of God in her bed.

She then picked up a color-coded binder and read out texts of the Pastor allegedly downplaying his relationship with Gizelle. Monique also read out Jamal’s phone number and Gizelle begrudgingly confirmed that the number was indeed his.

After reading off the texts Monique ended with this:

“If you’re going to come for my family and my relationship, I’m coming right back to you,” Monique said adding, “Your pastor boyfriend is swinging his big D around his congregation, even in Atlanta as we speak and you know it. You’re a fraud.”

Back in May, Monique actually warned Gizelle this could happen after being shaded on Watch What Happens Live but ultimately decided against it.

“Reading through these text conversations… Super Juicy!! Wow! Should I? Or shouldn’t I post? That is the question… I don’t like fighting dirty… but don’t push me.,” wrote Monique.

[…] But yet they say I go to blogs?! Please! I’ve had these receipts in my phone for almost a YEAR. I don’t need to leak… that’s what they do. Tried to show mercy but these Twitter fingers are getting itchy.”

What was your reaction to Monique leaving Gizelle speechless with her book of receipts? Tell us down below and peep the absolute messiest tweets from Part 1 of the Reunion on the flip.

“Ladies and gentlemen, turn your bibles to the book of receipts” – iconic

“It’s the tab names for me” – pettyyyyyy

“Y’all wanna see a dead body..” – yiiiikes

“The people who sent Monique the receipts on Jamal” – *faints*

“ICONIC moment from Monique. We might have to put that in the top five reunion moments of all-time across all franchises. My word.” – the moment of all moments

“Enough said #RHOP” – whewwwwww

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“Monique called him Pastor Holy Whore. Somebody come get me off this floor” – this GIF tho…

“Victim: Gizelle Bryant
Time of Death: 9:50PM Eastern
Cause of Death: Read for filth
Person(s)of Interest: Be on the lookout for Karen Huger and Monique Samuels; suspects are considered armed and dangerous.” – wowowowowowowow

“Monique to Gizelle, when she yelled out Jamal’s phone number” – CLASSIC

““yes, that’s his number.” *falls down the stairs*

“My employer when they find my account” – *cackles*

“Candiace: do y’all want to hear this!?

Andy:” – soooooo messy

“Robyn… what in the printer ink” – *WEEPS*

Monique is already legendary with TWO MORE PARTS OF THE REUNION LEFT.


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