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“I know what it looks like…”

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Yes, Falynn Pina is expecting her fourth child but she’s not “8 or 9 months” along in her pregnancy. That’s the message the former #RHOA guest of show is sending amid rumors that she cheated in her marriage and is almost ready to pop.

As previously reported Falynn, 32, and her bestie boo/assistant Jaylan Banks announced that they’re expecting their first child together via their “Meet The Pinas” YouTube channel and said they wanted to make sure they “made it past the two-month mark” before sharing the news.

The announcement sent shockwaves across social media considering that Falynn’s ex-husband/ Porsha Williams’ fiance Simon Guoboadia alleged that she cheated and was pregnant with Jaylan’s child.

“Tell me how many husbands or wives should tolerate this type of behavior from their spouse?????” Simon captioned a video of Jaylan “sneaking into his home.” “I filed for divorce a second time AFTER this video. She got a baby to prove that she was actively cheating.”

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Falynn seemingly shut down the pregnancy allegations during an interview with YouTuber Tisa Tells in July. Apparently, during the time period when Simon alleged that Falynn and Jaylan were creeping behind his back, Jaylan was in jail. Can’t get pregnant if the man is incarcerated, right? Right. We think????

Tisa Tells: “There was a time frame between March 23 and April 23 when Jaylan could not have been around. Jaylan was actually incarcerated from March 23 to April 23, all the time that Simon was saying that Jaylan was doing the lambada with Falynn, he [Jaylan] wasn’t even around. He was arrested for a previous incident that happened in his teenage years.”

Simon filed for divorce from Falynn in February.

Now amid claims that Simon “was right all along”, Falynn is telling social media that she’s actually newly pregnant.

“I am not 8 months along, somebody put that narrative out that somebody was divorcing me because I was pregnant with my best friend’s child,” said Falynn in a YouTube video showcasing her bare bump. “No, sorry to tell you that’s not true at all. I was sitting at home begging him to come home for months.

“All I did was let him go and I went my way. Yeah, that was it. No, I’m not 8 or 9 months pregnant. I am just a few months and still kinda blubbery, it’s not a hard surface just yet,” she added while prodding her belly. “We’re just a blob right now, it will harden—when does your stomach get hard? It’s like 6 months, 7 months? [So] no, I’m not. I’m newly pregnant and I’m happy, we’re happy.”

She also added that people will learn more about her and Jaylan’s love story in the future but she’s trying to remain “stress-free.” She also noted that this is her first “happy” time being with child and said she doesn’t know the gender of her baby because “it’s too soon.”


“I’ve never actually been happy and pregnant before,” said Falynn. “I never really had a real pregnancy where I was mentally stable or financially capable,” said the star who had babies at age 17, 18, and 23. “This is the first pregnancy when I feel secure even with everything going on in the media. I’m very happy about it. I know what it looks like, I know what the comments are about–I could give a s*** because I am he to not protect any of you, I’m here to protect my baby.”



What do YOU think about Falynn clarifying her pregnancy timeline? She addresses the allegations at the 19:11 mark.




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