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Let’s see—how do we want to start this?

Every time a homophobe comes for Lil Nas X without first being sent for, an angel gets its wings to fly down and give the Devil another lapdance.

Nah, that’s a bit over the top. Let’s try again.

Lil Boosie on set

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When God finally admitted to themself that the social media version of Dave Chappelle’s version of Rick James was right, and they should have never given these negroes the internet—they were definitely talking about Boosie Badazz.

That’s probably worse, but let’s roll with it.

On Monday, the rapper, who says he hates the LGBTQ community despite being kind enough to let them live in his head rent-free, took his homophobic act to the Breakfast Club where he doubled down on his loud and wrong comments in defense of Da Baby’s loud and wrong comments. (It’s like Inception, but with dumb and bigoted rapper opinions.)

In case you missed it, Boosie recently did that thing he does where he posts a video of himself ranting about what he makes sound like a gay apocalypse where the heavens rain down fire, brimstone and dancing naked men, and every gold chain in the jewelry store is now rainbow-colored.

“Lil Nas X said he wanna perform naked on stage for charity. You don’t f*** with him like you f*** with DaBaby,” he said. “Be even-sided. You don’t feel that’s disrespect? Going dance naked. You don’t think that’s disrespect in front of boys who tryna be straight? It’s totally disrespect.”

“If I’m at an awards and he go up there naked, I’m gonna drag his a** off stage and beat his a**,” the guy who apparently thinks heterosexual people have to be heterosexual on purpose continued. “You let a n***a dance naked in front your children, you a mothaf***n’ crazy mothaf***a. Or you like d***, too.”

Anyway, back to the Breakfast Club, where the guy who apparently thinks primetime awards shows are streaming on Disney+ and airing on Nick Jr. went to defend his remarks.

“I just be feeling like sometimes I gotta speak up because, as far as straight people in the world, you don’t have any opinion,” Boosie said. “If you say anything, ‘I’m straight, I like women,’ it’s vulgar,” he said. “You can’t brag on really smashing or your sexuality anymore.”

First of all, never in the history of ever-dom has anyone ever told a heterosexual person they were “vulgar” for saying, “I’m straight.” We do, however, live in a country that, for generations and until very recently, allowed people to freely call members of the LGBTQ community vulgar for simply existing. Second, Boosie is really out here acting like heterosexuals have no say in a nation and world where hetero-identifying people represent the overwhelming majority of the population, and where most couples and sexual acts featured in our entertainment industry are still straighter than the hairline Steve Harvey had in the ’90s.

Charlamagne and his co-hosts pushed back on Boosie’s paranoia, but the “Nasty Nasty” rapper, who at this point is behaving as if his entire discography doesn’t exist, continued expressing his concern over what the kids are being exposed to.

“If you were trying to raise [kids], would you be cool with sitting there and trying to watch Nas X go up there and take his clothes off?” he asked Charlamagne.


Which is it? Are the kids “trying to watch Nas X go up there and take his clothes off,” or are they “tryna be straight?” Or is it you that is trying to watch and you’re feeling guilty about your kids catching a glimpse?

I’m just saying, somebody’s projecting his Badazz off.

Boosie, along with everyone who thinks like him, needs to hear this and hear it well: Everything that airs isn’t going to be meant for children and nobody is responsible for monitoring what your kids watch but you!

You can watch Boosie’s full Breakfast Club appearance below.



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