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Every housewives franchise needs a pot-stirring bone collector and luckily for Potomac fans, there’s an admittedly messy meemaw on hand.

Mia Thornton

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo


On Sunday’s episode of #RHOP, viewers saw newbie Mia Thornton once again be accused of “lying”, this time about a comment Gizelle Bryant made about Dr. Wendy Osefo.

As previously reported Wendy was STEAMING mad at Gizelle for gossiping about Eddie Osefo cheating allegations and said that Gizellee’s current “miserable” life is God’s payback for her transgressions. With that, she ignored Gizelle during an awkward dinner and apologized to Gizelle’s bandit bestie Robyn Dixon for shading her as well during the rant.

Robyn did not accept the apology.


Later, while Wendy was recounting what went down with Karen Huger and Mia, Mia let it slip that Gizelle called Wendy a “weak b***” behind her back for her caustic reaction to the rumors.

That peeved off Wendy and she confronted a confused Gizelle about it directly.

Wendy: “I would love for you to explain to me why the moment I left the house you said, ‘she’s a weak b***'”

Gizelle: “Who said that?!”

Mia: “You did!”

Gizelle: “I didn’t say that…”

Mia: “Well, that’s what I interpreted it as…”

Gizelle in fact did NOT call Wendy a “weak b***” and instead said she if were going to “crumble over rumors” then “this group might not be for her.”

According to Karen, however, it was still shady and the “message was the same.”

and Mia agreed.

#RHOP fans however aren’t convinced but they’re definitely tuning in to see what Mia says next.


In case you missed it, Mia doesn’t take too kindly to being called a “liar.” She previously blasted Candiace Dillard for accusing her of “lying at every turn” and dubbed the #RHOP vet a “puppet.”

She does however own her “messiness”…

and laughed off shade people sent her about meeting her hubby while working at a strip club.

Are you NOT entertained??? What do YOU think about Mia’s latest #RHOP antics?

Mia said what she said.

Gizelle has also doubled down on her “crumble” comments, hit the flip for that.

During Bravo’s #RHOP aftershow, Gizelle once again reiterated that if Wendy’s going to “crumble” about rumors then maybe she should find a new friend group.

Wendy Osefo Vs. Gizelle Bryant

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

“I make no bones about that,” said Gizelle during the aftershow. “It is what it is. If you can’t be in this group and understand that we’re gonna ask the hard questions and that wasn’t even a hard one, you’re not srong enough to be in this. PERIOD!”

Robyn Dixon agreed.

“It’s so crazy, we’ve all been subjected to rumors, for Wendy to think shes above that and that she shouldn’t expeect it at some point, is kind of ridiculous. Maybe she shouldn’t be on a TV show when your life is going to be talked about if you’re gonna react like that,” said Robyn.

Mia however disagreed.

“I think just because Wendy is saying my husband is off-limits, has nothing to do with being weak. I think I call that having standards.”


What do YOU think about Gizelle doubling down on her Wendy “crumbling” comments?


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