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Once again, a certain Real Housewife of Potomac isn’t pulling out her “Cryangles” because she wants all the smoke, and rightfully so.

Candiace Dillard recently clapped back on Twitter at newbie Mia Thornton’s insinuation that her husband Chris Bassett is “unemployed.”

Candiace Dillard and Mia Thornton

Source: Shannon Finney / Bravo

When a #RHOP fan page asked followers their thoughts on newbie Mia, a fan gave her props for being “opinionated and outspoken, but not nasty” while saying they “prefer her” over OG housewives Robyn Dixon and Candiace Dillard.

According to Mia, Robyn is “not nasty” but Candiace is and she sent shade to her and Chris. “#IsChrisGettingPaid,” wrote Mia before referencing Candiace’s mom, Ms. Dorothy.

@RobynDixonRHOP is NOT NASTY! She’s R.E.A.L now @TherealCANDIACE on the other hand. I’m good. Winking face with tongue #ischrisgettingpaid. NAH, Ms. Dorthy confirm #unemployment

Mia is referencing tonight’s Real Housewives of Potomac episode, where Ms. Dorothy dubbed Candiace’s husband, who manages her singing career, a “househusband.”  The comment came after Gizelle Bryant previously wondered if Chris was “riding Candiace’s coattails.”

“I don’t know what’s going on with that, he was that the house when I left, he was still there,” said Ms. Dorothy on the set of Candiace’s music video shoot. “I don’t think that’s a good idea for a husband to try to be a mangar, it doesn’t work out right.


I didn’t expect him to quit his job after she got married and be a househusband,” Dorothy added to Karen Huger. 


Candiace and Chris

Source: Shannon Finney / Bravo

After catching wind of Mia’s comment, Candiace responded with shade and called Mia “handsome” while imploring her to keep quiet about her spouse.

“Now, I have specifically made it a point to ignore your handsome a** all season,” said Candiace. “You claim I’m “irrelevant” but can’t seem to keep my name out of your mouth. Don’t pull that victim/bully bulls** when I light your a** up again. DO keep my husbands name out of your mouth though.”

In addition to being Candiace’s “husbandger”, Chris is a chef and former restaurateur who offers private cooking classes.

Mia’s since clapped back on Twitter with a tweet about someone’s husband tossing her salad.

“You’d be mad if you found out your husband was tossing my salad in the kitchen. #souschelf [sic],” wrote Mia on Twitter.


She added a video of herself and her hubby G at a Carolina Panthers game captioned, “I’m so handsome. Just saying.”


Mia and Candiace will get into a messy lettuce tossing dust-up later this season. Maybe that’s what her tweet was referencing?

According to Chris Basset himself, she couldn’t possibly be talking about him cheating on Candiace because Mia’s not his type.

“Not really my type, I prefer that au natruale dark chocolate type a woman,” wrote the chef.


Mia’s since responded as well.


In related news, Candiace previously clapped back at Gizelle for the “coattails” comment about Chris. “Of course you wouldn’t recognize a supportive husband if he smacked you in your face, girl,” said Candiace.



What do YOU think about Candiace defending her hubby against messy “unemployed” allegations?

“The Real Housewives of Potomac” airs tonight at 8 on Bravo. Candiace will appear on “Watch What Happens Live” at 10. 


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