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Nicki Minaj wrapped up The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion with her “AndiCONDA” questioning and while live-tweeting, she blasted one of the wives.


On Sunday viewers saw the continuation of Nicki as host during the fourth and final part and watched as she ripped into Gizelle BryantKaren HugerAshley DarbyRobyn DixonCandiace Dillard BassettDr. Wendy Osefo, and Mia Thornton

Nicki asked Gizelle if she thought her “beauty was fading”, questioned Karen about her plastic surgery, asked Robyn if she was Gizelle’s “secret lover”, and questioned whether Wendy had a BBL to keep up with the “booty models” her hubby Eddie was allegedly following on Instagram.


Viewers also saw a quick moment when Wendy took a peek at Nicki’s hot pink cards to get ahead of the rapper’s questions. Wendy copped to it immediately during the reunion and Nicki blasted Wendy on Twitter for the “corny” moment.

“Ok so while we on commercial— it was BEYOND CORNY for Wendy to look @ my cards on the low. I’m that chick that leaves my money, jewelry, etc out around ppl cuz I just trust everyone is like me & won’t violate. I HATE when ppl do sneaky tingz like that chi.”

The Barbz agreed with Onika that it was “corny” and blasted the professor who said she doesn’t need to “prep her reads”…

and Gizelle Bryant chimed in.

Dr. Wendy then set her sights on Gizzy and blasted her former friend for her opinion and for her “turkey neck.”


Now, sis…

In addition to Nicki going in on Wendy, shaded one of the housewives’ husbands for taking issue with her questioning.


Hit the flip for that.

During the reunion, Nicki Minaj questioned Candiace Dillard about her music career and asked the housewives to weigh in as well.

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

“I like the song ‘Drive Back,’ I said it on Instagram,” Nicki began. “But I got a question for all of y’all — and just keep it real — on a scale from one to 10, before that video came out, how successful did you think the song was going to be?

“Negative two,” said Mia whose had “low budget” drama with Candiace.

“From a place of hateration….” Candiace responded.

“Candiace can sing. It’s a nine for effort, it was a nine for talent,” said Karen before amending her answer. “I really always thought it would at least be a five.”

Nicki also insisted that Candiace sing acapella and the housewife hesitated while mulling over what song to sing. She eventually gave in and sang her single “Drive Back” [well at that] causing the room to erupt in applause.

Unfortunately for her, despite the praise, her husband Chris Bassett thought Onika was being shady and a hot mic caught him telling his wife that he was pissed about the “line of questioning.”

Onika responded on Twitter saying that he needed to “sit down”…

and Chris did as well.



At least Candiace liked the response she got while on set…

and she clarified on IG live that she was hesitant to sing “Drive Back” because it didn’t display her true vocal ability like a gospel song actually would have.


What did YOU think about Nicki Minaj hosting the #RHOPReunion???

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