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On the latest episode of “Porsha’s Family Matters”, a designer robe caused a ruckus after the group traveled to “Messy-Co.”

As previously reported the spinoff show follows former Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Williams as she blends her family with her new fiancé Simon Guobadia…

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

and her ex-fiancé/ daughter’s father, Dennis McKinley.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

Last week, the group was seen having a tense moment at a birthday BBQ with Dennis and his mom Mama Gina because Porsha’s grandmother called Dennis, who cheated on Porsha while she was pregnant, a “playboy.”

Not only that, but viewers also saw Porsha and Dennis have an awkward dinner because the businessman accused Porsha of “still loving him” and wondered why she refused to give him back a designer robe that he left at her house.

“Where my Versace robe at?” asked Dennis. “That ain’t y’alls!”


On Sunday’s episode, that robe came into question again and it caused a BIG blowup.

Porsha’s sister Lauren and Porsha’s cousin Londie tried to convince Dennis to attend a family retreat to Mexico and used the loungewear he so longed for as bait. After Lauren and Londie swiped the robe from Porsha’s closet, they showed him the belt to the robe and told him he could have his prized possession back if he came on the retreat.

“This is ransom, you don’t get these until you give us the answers you want,” said Lauren. “I need you in Mexico.”

“Do you want the rest of the robe or not?” added Londie.

Dennis initially declined because he worried the trip would turn from Mexico into “Messy-Co”, but he eventually obliged.


Fast forward to the actual group trip, and Porsha was peeved to learn that her family members bribed her ex to come on the trip via the robe. During a dinner with her sister’s spiritual advisor, Porsha told her family she was upset that the Versace robe was being used to encourage Dennis.

“It seems like something secret,” said Porsha. “You can’t take anything out of my house for Dennis! “No, you cannot do that. Heres’ my thing, if Dennis is not in a place where he wants to be here genuinely to create the family we want for Pilar then maybe you shouldn’t have given him the robe. This isn’t a game. I’m here because we all have a common goal, that’s what I thought,” she added noting that she was triggered and upset that they went behind her back.

Her cousin Londie [and several people on social media] saw it a different way, however.

“We thought for everyone to get on the same page that Dennis and Simon should come,” said Londie.

“At one point is it not a game though?!” remarked Porsha.

“The barbecue was a game, it was really, really, weird. If I were him or Mama Gina I wouldn’t come around again,” her cousin responded.

OOF! Whose side are you on in #RobeGate?


Dennis apparently still doesn’t have the robe, nor a series of furs he left at his ex’s house.

“FreeMyVersaceRobe,” he captioned an IG post.

At another point in the show, Dennis’ mom Mama Gina also broke the “news” she had about Porsha “cheating” on Dennis.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Porsha’s Family Matters / Bravo

Hit the flip for that.

While shopping for crystals to bring on the retreat, Mama Gina told Dennis about an alleged convo she had with Porsha’s mom Miss Diane about the reality star allegedly cheating.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Bravo / Porsha’s Family Matters

As previously reported Dennis’ mom said Porsha wasn’t “innocent” in the relationship and a source told her she “cheated too.” She alleged that the source was Porsha’s own mom, Miss Diane and she shared the news Sunday with Dennis.

Dennis: “Why y’all so stuck in the past?”

Gina: “I just wanted some answers about her cheating on you, she probably did. The conversation that I had with Diane when I was at the house when she said there was a situation and this event with this young man…”

Dennis: “Why you ain’t never say nothing about then?!”

Gina: “You all broke up, there was no need. They act like she’s so innocent when she’s not! She ain’t innocent!”

“Porsha was not a saint and we were still together,” added Dennis in a confessional. “That’s all I’mma say.”

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Bravo / Porsha’s Family Matters

Unfortunately for Dennis and Gina, fans aren’t buying it and Porsha’s mom said during Sunday’s show that the matriarch was lying.

“Oh my God,” said Diane! “I don’t even swear to God but that’s a lie and I’ll even tell her to her face that’s a lie. I can’t believe she lied on me like that!

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Bravo / Porsha’s Family Matters

Who do YOU believe in this #PorshasFamilyMatters messiness?


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