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There was messiness afoot on last night’s episode of Married At First Sight involving a shocking dating reveal and a “shark” that should probably swim away.

This week viewers saw Olajuwon confess that he has hangups about consummating his marriage to his wife Katina, and they also saw his protective wife defend his dating history.

Married At First Sight Boston, MAFS, Married At First Sight

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As previously reported Olajuwon is adamant that he’s turned in his player card after moonlighting around Boston as a ladies’ man named “Isaac.”

Apparently during his Isaac days, however, not a single one of the women that the wastewater treatment operator dated was BLACK.


That news was shared on camera by one of Katina’s good girlfriends who said that Olajuwon’s dating history worried her.

“I’ve never dated an African-American woman before,” Olajuwon was seen admitting at brunch. “Never found one that was attracted to me for real. I wanna try something new!” he added.

R E A L LY? Not a single Black girl in Boston found Olajuwon attractive and marrying a Black woman is “something new?”

That seems pretty far-fetched but sure.

Olajuwon’s words set off alarm bells in Katina’s friend’s head, but the #MAFS star assured her homegirl that it’s not a big deal.

“Let me just say, I’m the first Black girl that he’s been in a serious relationship with,” said Katina. “You have to remember he’s half Irish and he has a mohawk…”

“He looks Black,” countered her friend. “He’s Black.”

“Me and you know that, of course,” responded Katina.

“Does he?” asked the freind.

“Yeah!” responded Katina.

Katina ultimately concluded that it wasn’t a “concern for her” and said that they “moved past that.”


Unfortunately for her, #MAFS fans have yet to move past the shocking reveal and they’re wondering if Olajuwon only dating non-women of color is the REAL reason why he hasn’t been intimate with his wife.

They also scoffed at Katina hinting at her hubby passing for ANYTHING but Black.

What do YOU think? Is Olajuwon never being with a Black woman a red flag?

During last night’s episode viewers were also SHOCKED to see a #MAFS bride have a hot mic moment and slander her husband with belittling comments about his manhood.

Hit the flip for that.

Married At First Sight Boston, MAFS, Married At First Sight

Source: Courtney Hizey Photography / Kinetic Content

Lindsey made #MAFS fans’ jaws drop [again] after she went on a rant at a bowling alley about her husband Mark “The Shark.” While meeting up with the other couples, Mark and Lindsey got into a disagreement over Lindsey’s over-the-top antics and her clashing once again with Katina.

Lindsey got on Mark’s nerves during a discussion about men leaving the toilet seat up…

“My first thought is poop spray,” said Lindsey who’s a nurse. “Just straight up poop spray in the air, funky!”

and she really pissed him off by asking Katina, “Why are you rolling your eyes?!”

According to Mark, Lindsey almost instigating a fight with Katina, who she previously clashed with in Puerto Rico, makes him feel “awkward.”

“I didn’t like the way you spoke with her,” said Mark. “You were like, “Why are you rolling your eyes?” You shouldn’t have said that. It’s awkward! I feel awkward when you do that. I think given your history you shouldn’t be saying anything.”

What did I do to upset you?” asked Lindsey. “You literally watched this woman act like a child and roll her eyes and guffaw at me.”

Mark insisted for Lindsey to “not do that” and added; “This is a team and if you can’t get with that, it’s not gonna work.”

Mark’s TEAM comment clearly triggered Lindsey and she rattled off the numerous times she’s been a team player. She then walked away and while being calmed down in a bathroom by MAFS producers, she DRAGGED her husband.

“The least you can do is make me c**, ” said Lindsey. “I’m like, all I need is an orgasm. He was like, I wanna pull it back. I’m not emotional right now. Why? Because you got small balls?!”


Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey…

Do YOU think that Mark The Shark should swim away from his #MAFS marriage on Decison Day?

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