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After much anticipation, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is back with a fresh face, a messy massage text, and someone shading a potential fashion faux pas.

As previously reported season 14 includes a “new dynamic” with veterans Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Shereé Whitfield, and Drew Sidora returning alongside full-time peach holder Marlo Hampton and newbie Sanya  Richards-Ross.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Source: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Bravo

The premiere delivered “fun shade” and friendship that many fans said felt like earlier seasons of #RHOA where the girls would primarily gather as good girlfriends.

In addition to viewers seeing the ladies kicking it and kee-keeing—viewers also saw Drew Sidora once again address issues in her marriage.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Source: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Bravo

Drew Says Her Husband Ralph’s Assistant Sent An Innapropiate “Massage Offer” Text

After a workout with Sanya-Richards Ross and her husband Aaron, Drew confessed that she found inappropriate text messages from her husband Ralph Pittman’s assistant on his phone.
According to the housewife, the woman offered to “give her husband a massage” something Drew did NOT appreciate.

Ralph recapped what went down with Sanya’s hubby.

“I’m not telling you you have to fire your assisant BUT—iif you don’t fire her then you’re going to have hell!” Ralph said Drew warned him.

Kandi, Sanya & Drew Discuss Ralph’s Assistant—Ralph Jumps In The Convo

Later, Drew also divulged the info to Kandi after letting Kandi and Sanya taste her “Drop It With Drew” food prep.


During the chat, however, Ralph suddenly appeared [because he was probably eavesdropping] and tried to plead his case.

“What version are you giving?” asked Ralph sarcastically about his wife’s convo about the assisant.

“I think that if she makes your wife uncomfortable then that’s the problem, right?” asked Sanya.

Instead of answering directly, Ralph rambled about two different marriage counselors seeing it from his perspective and said his back issues are the reason why the massage was offered.

“So at the time, my back…” started Ralph. “Drew even knew this. She ordered a massage therapist—if she [the assistant] wanted to shoot her shot…”

He was quickly cut off by the ladies who said that the assistant did just that.

Still, Ralph wouldn’t back down but–he stumbled when Kandi asked him how he responded to the assistant’s massage offer.

“It was like a throwaway,” said Ralph. “I was like, ‘My back is really hurting’ and she was like, ‘You should’ve gotten that massage…’ I said, ‘Man, I’m a guy….'”

“Just tell the truth, said Drew interrupting her husband. “She said. ‘I told you I should’ve come and given you that massage,’ He said, ‘I’m a guy, LOL’ and she said, ‘Well now I know for next time.’


The ladies then rightfully agreed that the text had inappropriate sexual connotations.

“I’m a guy means if you come over here it ain’t gonna be JUST gonna be a massage,” said Kandi.

Do YOU think Ralph’s text to his assistant was inappropriate? Survey says…


Drew Speaks Out On Her Husband’s Assistant

Interestingly enough Drew recently told US Weekly about the assistant’s text and said it was cathartic to share the drama with the ladies.

“We were going through a situation with an assistant, and it was good for me to be able to share with my cast,” Drew told Us. “I feel like when you’re going through it by yourself, you’re like, ‘OK, is it just me? Am I crazy? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m tripping,’” the singer, who got married to Ralph in 2014, added. “It was an opportunity for Ralph to hear not just my voice, but to know that, maybe, this is something we need to dig into and figure out why this is happening.”

She also confessed that she and her hubby often go back and forth about divorce…

“It always feels like we’re almost about to get divorced,” she revealed to Us. “[But] we’re not gonna give up. We need to come back home, regroup and figure out what we’re gonna do moving forward. That’s the journey we’re on every day honestly.”

but following the texting scandal, Drew’s “developed a new outlook” on their marriage.

“I trust my husband because I also know the other side of him growing up in a single-family household and him also losing his father. I grew up in a two-family household and the love I received was different. The environment I grew up in was different,” the singer, who shares son Michael, 6 and daughter Aniya, 4, with her husband told Us.

“When we go to a deeper level to understand certain things, we just try to work through it. We’re not willing just to throw in our marriage when we’ve got three beautiful children, but every day is not perfect. Marriage is a roller coaster and I think I’m just willing to show that.”


It’s nice that Drew trusts her man—but Bravo fans made it clear last night that they DO NOT.

In addition to Ralph’s assistant drama playing out on RHOA, viewers also saw Marlo Hampton host her Le’Archive fashion showroom event—and ALL the shade that ensued during it.

Le'Archive Retrospective By Marlo Hampton

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Hit the flip for deets.

After YEARSSSSSS of fan questions about her career, Marlo Hampton opened up about her job working in the fashion industry.

Le'Archive Retrospective By Marlo Hampton

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

The new housewife apparently owns Le’Archive, a high-fashion showroom that Hollywood productions can use for costuming celebrities. The clothing has been personally collected by the fashionista who recently outfitted Tami Roman in some of the exclusive pieces.

During last night’s premiere, an excited Marlo invited all of the ladies to an exclusive kick-off for Le’Archive—but unfortunately several of them had copious questions about the event.


“Honey you rented out a ballroom with no ball, how dreadful,” said Kenya Moore invoking the iconic “how dreadful” quote of #RHOA guest star Dwight Eubanks.

Several of the other ladies also wondered if Marlo would be debuting a fashion show and wondered why the clothes were shown on mannequins instead of on actual bodies.

Le'Archive Retrospective By Marlo Hampton

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Le'Archive Retrospective By Marlo Hampton

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Sanya Richards-Ross also noted that the company’s french name was misspelled and should have been “L’Archive” instead of “Le’Archive” and Shereé compared Marlo’s outfit to strawberry “church candy.”

Interestingly enough, despite them throwing shade as well, Sanya and Shereé gossiped to Marlo about what the other ladies were saying behind her back causing viewers to wonder if RHOA would have TWO bone collectors this season, a title previously solely held by Shereé for her penchant for bringing gossip a.k.a. “bones” to the group.

News of the ladies’ questions ticked off Marlo and she went on the defense and shaded her fellow housewives.

“Are you directing this to me?” asked Kenya while Marlo started sending shade. “Why are you cursing?! We all talked about stuff, why are you directing this to me?!”

Marlo then directed her shade Drew’s way.

“Drew I wouldn’t even expect you to understand this,” said Marlo. “I’m appalled at the money girls, the girls who are well-traveled [doing this]…” said Marlo while looking at Kenya and Kandi who are apparently wealthier than Drew.

The ladies then tried to defend themselves, and in between, Marlo got up to look at Drew’s hair.

“You got a french roll!” said Marlo. “B*** I ain’t had a french roll in 50 years. Don’t do that!”

Le'Archive Retrospective By Marlo Hampton

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

“B*** you said it was a gala!” replied Drew whose hair was indeed in a french roll.

Now THAT was funny and as expected, fans ate up the moment.

Overall, the #RHOA season 14 premiere was jam-packed with laughs and a refreshing start to a season without Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, and [of course] NeNe Leakes.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Source: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Bravo


Were YOU watching the #RHOA premiere? Let us know your thoughts below.


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