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This house (music) isn’t big enough for both of y’all?

Azealia Banks Performs At Noise Pop Festival

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Welp, Azealia Banks is at it again! This week she reheated her one-sided beef with Beyoncé about her new song. According to XXL, the rapper accused Bey of erasing her undeniable contributions to House Music. Azealia also accused her of stealing from “Show Me Love” singer Robin S, whose song is sampled on “Break My Soul.” 

Azealia, whose known for her flawless flow over ’90s-inspired House Beats, went off on Instagram. She posted an anonymous quote from a Metro UK article listing her as one of the artists who inspired Beyoncé to “brainstorm” new music.

“Well if you would share some of that hot sauce you have in your bag with me, Ester Dean and Stacey Barthe & let us all eat we’d give [you] the actual goods. We gotta eat and shine, too,” Banks wrote.

“Can’t have your tribe worrying about rent and groceries while you discard them like the help,” she continued. “We gotta fix this ASAP.”


The Instagram story also called out the list of inspirations for featuring MNEK, who she says is “UK Garage,” instead of Donna Summer. Of course, Azealia, whose list of enemies is longer than Arya Stark, didn’t stop there.

She posted another written rant with audio of her explaining how Bey is trying to erase her. Azealia also claimed she “whooped” Bey with her last releases.

“Okay, I’m sorry, but this is really f*cking creepy. Beyoncé has been trying to write me out of my own narrative for, like, years at this point. Like, this is so f*cking weird. So, early Azealia Banks records. So, what are you trying to do?”

“Are you trying to encapsulate my music in time and say and say like, you know, it’s vintage or something, as if my last three releases have not whooped your *ss. Are you kidding? As if I’m not showing major versatility and all of that. You want me to not be Yemaya so f*cking badly. You want it to be Solange. You want it to be Chloe Bailey, Little Mermaid movie, and you don’t include Azealia Banks. Like, oh my f*cking God. You’re a joke,” she vented.

Azealia isn’t wrong about deserving her flowers, especially as her lane becomes mainstream. However, the outspoken rapper doesn’t have a great track record with the Houston singer. Azealia called Bey a “regular b*tch” who stole her choreography back in 2018.

On Saturday, the Anna Wintour” artist accused Beyoncé of stealing from Robin S by sampling her hit House song “Show Me Love” on “Break My Soul.”

“Since Bey is out here pretending to support Black divas with bouquets of wilted flowers after stealing their art, arrogantly assuming they don’t have money for legal counsel… and muscling them into making stock PR statements to cover up this messy album roll out,” Azealia said, according to UPROXX.

Although Bey gave Robin S her flowers and a songwriting credit,  the ’90s star didn’t know about the sample in advance. Instead of staying on topic, Azealia went low. She brought up Koi Knowles, “your little sister you think we forgot about?”

Fans were on Azealia’s side when Drake swerved into her lane with an unexpected album full of House beats. Her talent is undeniable, but low-blows about Bey’s alleged half-sister by Matthew Knowles aren’t a good look. What do Blue and Koi have to do with credit in a genre that started before you were born?

If you hear a loud buzzing noise right about now, it’s The Hive swarming Azealia Banks. Even her own fans are disappointed she turned this spotlight into something ugly. Regardless of who Azealia beefs with or why, it still seems like she’s one of her worst enemies. If she wanted attention, she’s definitely got it now!

Is Azealia making points or just doing the most?


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