Who Is Blueface's Girlfriend Chrisean Rock?

Insane Incisor Drama, Loopy Love & Messiness: Meet Chrisean Rock, The Woman Fighting Tooth And Nail For Her Blissful Blueface Baeship

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If you have access to Al Gore’s Internet you might have heard of up-and-coming rap artist/ “Baddies South” reality TV personality Chrisean Rock.

The influencer has been a topic of discussion because of her multiple front toothless shenanigans and she makes headlines almost weekly with her undying devotion to a certain celebrity rapper; but who exactly is she???



Luckily if you’re looking for more details on this firecracker, we’re available to break it down.


Let’s begin…

Chrisean Rock Hails From Baltimore

Unbeknownst to many the real-life trending topic was a heralded Baltimore track star who overcame humble beginnings and even homelessness before moving to California to pursue collegiate sports at Santa Monica College.

“As a young, black, beautiful woman, I am a survivor,” the athlete told Fox Baltimore. “Since I didn’t have the childhood I should’ve had, then I can have the future that I deserve.”

Chrisean Rock Met Blueface On “Blue Girls Club”

Near the beginning of the pandemic, “Thotiana” rapper Blueface debuted his lineup of ladies on his OnlyFans reality show “Blue Girls Club”, a series where women lived in his house for a month straight.


The ladies fought, completed challenges, and partied together. The roster included the mother of Blueface’s son, Jaidyn Alexis, and a young, charismatic Chrisean.

Blueface announced that Chrisean would be signing to his record label  Blueface LLC back in 2020. Shortly after, the duo released her first single “Lonely” which garnered over 1.2 million views on Youtube.

Soon thereafter Chrisean began to profess her love for Blueface, born Johnathan Porter and this is where things got messy.

Chrisean Rock’s Front Tooth Got Knocked Out

On the wild web series, an altercation ensued between Jaidyn Alexis [who’s now expecting another child with the rapper] and Chrisean leaving Chrisean’s front tooth missing after the influencer hit her tooth on a surface.

“I don’t like anybody in the house cause they fake,” said Chrisean in a video explaining what happened. “His baby mother is dumb as f***.”

Jaidyn also followed up with an explanation of her own.

In the following months, fans were left wondering if the tooth would ever be replaced as Chrisean showed little interest in repairs. According to The Shade Room, her procrastination led her to rock the gaping grill.

“Blueface paid for everything, for my permanent replacement. I just gotta go get it screwed in my mouth, so I’m procrastinating honestly.”

As her career continued, Chrisean began showing her fierce admiration for Blueface and she tattooed him on her body – repeatedly.


Hit the flip to see exactly where.

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Chrisean Rock’s Multiple Blueface Tattoos


Chrisean tattooed Blueface’s name on her face TWICE. She also has a bikini line tattoo that reads; “Johnathan’s P****.”

Chrisean also made headlines when she got a portrait of the rapper’s face across her neck.



Chrisean Rock’s Previous Arrest, Message To Blueface In Blood

Chrisean was arrested in Oklahoma back in February. Charged with the distribution of a controlled substance among other charges, the artist allegedly attempted to break into Blueface’s house and steal his car.

In an almost 2-minute-long video posted to Instagram, Blueface alleged that Chrisean broke into his California home and left a cryptic message on his wall…in blood and dubbed it some “fatal attraction type s***.”

“I woke up and my car was gone. (Chrisean) tip toeing around my house. Cut herself breaking in, left a little note in blood.”

Blueface’s manager Wack 100 also blasted Rock.


Chrisean Rock Was Involved Blueface’s Memorial Day Weekend Family Drama

Blueface and his family are known for their public fallouts, however, the Memorial weekend brawl between Chrisean, Blueface’s mother (Karlissa), and sister (Kaliwae) took the cake.

On May 29, Blueface’s mother took to Instagram to call out her son and Rock for the vicious attack.

“All I know is my son will never bring that person around my family ever again in life and that’s all that matters. Carry on,” she wrote tagging a picture of her swollen face alongside the message.

After a series of angry follow-up posts, Blueface’s sister Kali sounded off on the altercation which left her and her husband laid out on the asphalt.

She claimed the rapper punched her and her mother, and that they were jumped by multiple men.

“As you can see I peed on myself I ain’t never fought 7 n***as before all I could do was [piss] on myself,” she stated in a video.

Chrisean replied, taking full responsibility for the alleged attack.

“They gave me no option,” said Rock.

Chrisean alleged that the mommy/daughter duo had been bullying her for two years, and Blueface encouraged her to defend herself.

“Her son was like, ‘Yeah, stick up for yourself. Don’t let her hit you,’” said Rock. “So, I said, ‘Alright. F**** it.’ I’m beating her up and stomping on her.”

Additionally, Blueface eluded to his mother being jealous and wanting “girlfriend status.”

Talk about toxic.

Lastly, let’s get into what Chrisean Rock is seemingly most known for…

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Front Tooth Foolishness

On June 29, Ms. Rock debuted a shiny new front tooth after a year of rocking a man-made gap.

Chrisean seemingly missed the old look, as she asked her dentist for a gap. He begged her to heal before considering creating the gap.

“We can make a gap. When you’re done healing, I can make you a gap, I can do whatever the hell you want to, but just let it heal,” Dr. Thomas told Chrisean.

Later, The Baltimore native took to her Instagram to share that she removed her recently implanted tooth, all for the love of Blueface. While unscrewing her tooth she said,

“I did it for you Blue. I took my tooth out.” She captioned the video, “Took it out for you daddy. All I had to do was unscrew it.”

Blueface jumped online to encourage Chrisean to “bring the tooth home.”

“That’s my girl Rock Rock. Gone head and bring me that tooth baby. Bring that tooth home baby.” He added,  “We’re going to put it under the pillow and we’re going to make $150,000.”

At this point, the internet was eating up their toxic toothless love affair and Chrisean eventually added the tooth back, but this time with her “daddy’s” face on it.

Now Blueface and Chrisean Rock are happily back together and in love.


What do YOU think about Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s coupledom being a constant trending topic?


ZEUS Network BADDIES SOUTH Houston Premiere

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