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It’s murdaaaa

P-Valley‘ fans are buzzing over Lil Murda committing cold-blooded murder in a heartless blamm-blamming that makes us believe there’s much more to the dynamic character than we imagined.

You may recall Murda beating down a former affiliate named Pico over homophobic comments back in Season 1 which set the tone for their deadly reunion in Season 2.

In yet another example of clout-chasing gone wrong, Pico claims to be responsible for Big Teak’s death in ill-fated footage that inevitably makes its way to Murda.

Waiting for nightfall, Murda rocks rival gang colors and rolls up on Pico who immediately confesses that he lied about killing Teak.

Naturally, Pico pleads for his life and brings up his kids before Murda guns him down in the streets.

“Pico’s claiming Big Teak as a kill in retaliation for being beat up in Memphis is against gang code,” wrote Showrunner Katori Hall on Twitter. “He’s made himself a dead man walking in Murda’s eyes. You can’t spit on another man’s grave”

At some point, we’re sure this reckless decision will come back to haunt Murda who heads directly to the studio to record more hot fire that we can’t wait to hear.

“You get a little scared and fearful about what’s going to be said about you or what type of predicament you may put yourself in, but I had to remind myself of my brothers and sisters and everyone in between who take that walk every day in real life, and it’s not fictional,” said J. Alphonse Nicholson to Vulture about playing the polarizing character.

“And so knowing that that risk has to be taken is so similar to what Lil Murda — I think he’s understanding what his role is as an individual within society and with his community. There’s a fear factor to it, but I think he wants to step up and approach the plate.”

What was your reaction to Lil Murda committing murder? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over murdery Lil Murda on the flip.

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