Diamond Gets Clobbered & Kidnapped By Big Bone, Shatters Twitter

#PValleyFinale: Diamond Gets Karate Kidnapped By Big Bone (Who We Learn Is Big Booty Shinobi), Leaves Fans In Shambles

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Big Bone, you will pay for your crimes!

We knew Big Bone was up to no good but had no idea she’s a top-flight NINJA WARRIOR ASSASSIN who karate chopped and kidnapped Diamond during the skressful ‘P-Valley’ finale.

For weeks, fans suspected that Big Bone was a slithery snake which was confirmed in the final moments of last week’s episode.

In the buzzy scene, Big Bone can be seen holding a phone with a photo of her holding Montavious’ ring next to a sleeping Diamond confirming that she is, indeed, the opps.

This came she after she saw Diamond and Keyshawn kissing each other in the MOUF at the Pynk in a pivotal moment that likely altered all of their fates.

Whether Big Bone had a hand in ruining Keyshawn’s plans to leave Chucalissa, we don’t know (yet), but it was very convenient that she jumped Diamond before he could handle Derrick for Keyshawn.

It’s also interesting that Big Bone kidnapped Diamond who didn’t actually kill Montavious instead of Hailey who she would’ve had to known was connected to Montavious.

Seriously, how is she a ninja warrior assassin and can’t even put together a simple puzzle if the walls were talking like she claimed?

As expected, Creator/Showrunner Katori Hall broke down the finale’s final scene that left fans with more burning questions than answers.

“It’s something that we layered in from the top of the season. We knew that [Big Bone] has a connection to the Delta Devoted gang, which Montavious was part of,” said Hall in an exclusive interview with EW.

“The thing that sends her over the edge is seeing that Keyshawn and Diamond still have this thing for each other, because she sees the big kiss from the last episode. She has been sitting on information for a while because she actually liked him. I think she was falling in love.

We really wanted to show how hard it is to give someone over when you care about them. She has to fulfill her duty and makes this connection because it’s very clear that Montavious met his end somewhere at the Pynk whether it was through Diamond’s hands, which is what her assumption is, or other means.”

How do you think the Big Bone/Diamond saga plays out? Do you think Hailey will return and pay for her crimes? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Big Bone kidnapping Diamond on the flip.

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