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J. Alphonse Nicholson and Plies

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With the latest ‘P-Valley‘ season over and Season 3 pending, J. Alphonse Nicholson (who plays Lil Murda) had time to clap back at Plies over an offensive joke the outspoken rapper aimed at his co-star and onscreen love interest Nicco Annan (who plays Uncle Clifford).

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In a now-viral video, Plies can be seen jokingly recapping scenes from the hit show’s Season 2 finale that featured intimate scenes between Nicholson and Annan. The rapper said he was “traumatized” by what he saw.

“I see a n*gga on stage, in the strip club… and he performing, it’s Lil Murda… *chants* “7 pounds of pressure *gun shot noise* “7 pounds of pressure” *gun shot noise*… I said gahdamn, Lil Murda is mu******* gangsta so I go to the mu******* bathroom and come back and I see mu******* 7 pounds of pressure *giggles* he in the mu******* bed *giggles* with 300 pounds of pressure…”

A day later, Nicholson addressed the rapper’s comments (27-minute mark) during a recent interview with xoNecole’s Dana Blair, saying: “It’s interesting because he knew every character’s name, knew exactly what they said, and so you wonder ‘are people traumatized? Are you confused? Or are you just scared to kinda accept maybe who you are or those who are around you are?’

“And I don’t got nothing against that brother,” he continued, adding, “I will say this publicly, though, I do think it’s very unkind to talk about people’s appearance and weight and if you have something harsh to say, like… the 300 pounds of pressure joke… Nicco Annan is my good brother, I love that brother, and I wouldn’t let anyone disrespect him to his face nor through the internet… but um yea, worry about your own weight, dawg… worry about your own height…”

The happily married actor has been very vocal about the hatred and homophobia he’s faced over the past season that featured multiple same-sex scenes.

“The love is real the hate is real,” he wrote on social media. “As an actor the ultimate goal is to be as believable as possible. Relax, precise, fierce. Although @PValleySTARZ is a fictional story I’m grateful for the real conversations that are being had. Job well done. #PValleyStarz #LILMURDA #steadygrind”

Do you think Plies went too far with his joke? Why or why not? Tell us down below!


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