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Draymond Green is opening up about THAT punch he landed on teammate Jordan Poole and shrugging it off.

Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors

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The NBA 2022-2023 season officially kicked off last night and one game featured the Lakers taking on the reigning champions the Golden State Warriors. All eyes were on both teams who have had their fair share of drama lately but Golden State was already garnering attention before the game even started. Recently footage surfaced of Draymond Green falcon punching the life out of his teammate Jordan Poole. While the video went viral and current and former players tried to clean it up, everyone knew it wasn’t normal and wondered what the full story was.

Draymond Green Reflects On Falcon Punching Jordan Poole With the ‘NBA On TNT’

Before the game, the Warriors had a ring ceremony to receive their 2022 championship rings in which everyone wanted to see how Poole and Green interacted with each other. Before everyone could watch the chemistry between them, TNT aired a special with Draymond reflecting on punching Poole and the aftermath. Keep in mind this was self-produced by Green who often works with NBA On TNT.

It began with Green reflecting on the aftermath after he woke up to the news of the video leak.

“You never really know people’s opinions right away, so you give people some time to throw their opinion out, which quite frankly I don’t care about people’s opinion. To be totally honest with you, I never really knew how much it blew up. Because I don’t spend much time searching Instagram or looking through comments.

“I don’t really read many tweets at all, so I was at home chilling with my children. If you want me to be honest with you, I still don’t know how much the world may think it blew up.”

“The world has been able to see one of your worst moments. Look at the upside. I can live with that.”

The video doesn’t feature Jordan Poole at all and feels like an egregious attempt from Draymond to control the narrative. To make things even more strange, this aired right before they both received their championship rings which is supposed to be a time for everyone to celebrate without drama.

Watch Draymond Green reflect on the altercation below.


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