Black Friday’s right around the corner and to encourage consumers to support Black-owned businesses during the critical holiday season, Google’s partnering again with the U.S. Black Chambers to reimagine Black Friday as “Black-owned Friday” — a day to search, support, and shop at Black-owned businesses.

With that in mind, they’ve enlisted for a special campaign and a shippable music video from Ludacris that transforms the holiday into an interactive experience. The three-time Grammy winner recently stressed to BOSSIP the importance of supporting Black businesses while detailing the unique video.


Source: Google

“A lot of people want to buy Black but they don’t know how or how to search,” said the rapper/entrepreneur. “When you think about searching and trying to find something Google comes to mind,” he added noting that he fell in love with the campaign after seeing previous Google “Black Owned Friday” videos.

He also gave praises to Black entrepreneurs like Pinky Cole of Slutty Vegan who’s featured in the latest video for being examples of representation.

“As a man who has four daughters, them being able to see that it, it opens up the mounds of possibilities for them and that’s why for me it’s so important to support.”

Luda also told BOSSIP about his music video for the campaign has the goal of showing people easy it is to support Black businesses via Google.

Titled “Buying All Black”, the video and song feature Luda and Flo Milli highlighting products from more than 70 Black-owned businesses.

Ludacris x Flo Milli

Source: Google / Google


In the Charles Todd-directed video Luda’s transported to different Black-owned businesses through Google searches. He visits a Black-owned bookstore, yoga studio, and juice bar while Flo Milli takes watchers to a Black-owned nail shop ahead of an epic “Buying All Black” block party.



More than just a music video, it’s an actual experience that you can take on It reinforces the idea of choice by allowing users to decide where Ludacris goes next in his day at various points throughout the video and there are 8 unique journeys that a user can experience.


There are also cameos from 7 actual business owners, the executive director of the Atlanta Black Chambers, multiple YouTube Creators, a former NBA player, and a current WNBA player in the video.


@Allyiahsface (YouTube Creator)

NicoleTV (YouTube Creator)

The Glam Twinz (YouTube Creator)

PJ (singer, background vocals of the Black-owned Friday 2022 song)

DJ Infamous (Grammy award-winning producer)

Naz Hillmon (WNBA player)

Lou Williams (former NBA player)

Melvin Coleman (Executive Director of the Atlanta Black Chambers)

Janet Jeferys (Business owner: Janet J Nails)

Pinky Cole (Business owner: Sluty Vegan)

Camil Williams (Business owner: COME.iLL)

Glenn Wilson (Business owner: Groomzmen)

Olatunde Richardson (Business owner: Tunde’s Tea Shop)

Khalid Malik (Business owner: Amador Yoga)

Toure Akela (Business owner: Southwest Atlanta Yoga)

Watch the video below.

Are YOU supporting Black-owned Friday? You absolutely should!

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