Kenya Moore Gives Divorce Update Amid New Man Rumors

Kenya Moore Speaks On Her Dragging Divorce From Marc Daly—But Is She Swirling & Twirling With A ‘Wealthy White Man’?

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Kenya Moore is confirming that the lack of a prenup is dragging out her divorce. Despite that unfortunate update, rumors are swirling that the housewife is swirling and twirling with a new man.

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On Monday, the #RHOA star appeared on Tamron Hall and got emotional when reflecting on her decision to separate from her husband Marc Daly whom she wed in 2017. The news of their split ironically happened just three days after appearing on the show alongside him and their daughter Brooklyn in September of 2019.

After the couple announced their breakup, Kenya said that they were actually working on reconciling. The reconciliation continued throughout 2020 before an official filing came in 2021. Now in 2023, things between the two STILL aren’t settled.

Kenya Moore Tells Tamron Hall About Her Ongoing Marc Daly Divorce

While chatting with Tamron, Kenya revealed what led to their divorce and recalled an explosive moment that she and Marc had on #RHOA. Remember that? 

“We were having problems and there was always this hope that we could get over it,” said Kenya. “You know, that we can go to counseling and it could be better and doing your show was like a highlight of our lives because it was the first time he was like really supportive of me. Our whole family was together. And when we got back to Atlanta, we did a filming for ‘Real Housewives’ and it was like this huge event that we had put a lot of energy into and it was a struggle just to like work through our differences, even during the show.

And a lot of it was exposed just how we weren’t getting along or we weren’t on the same page or as I said before, I just felt like my voice was stifled a lot because I felt like I had to be a certain kind of person and wife to get along with him and his personality. And that’s not what a marriage is about.”

When sharing that Daly was not supportive of her time on The Real Housewives, Kenya added, “it was the way in which he could have supported me. And that never happened.”

“I protected him as much as I could,” said Kenya. ” I protected our marriage as much as I could. But there were signs in the very beginning before he ever stepped foot on the show. That was never an issue.  In fact, I was very adamant about telling the producers I’m not going to put him on the show if that’s something that he doesn’t want to do, and it’ll affect our relationship in a negative way, I said no, but it was the other stuff that was going on.”

Kenya also confirmed that they didn’t have a prenup and revealed that Marc thought it was unnecessary.

“I always say prenup for everyone because it protects both parties, I used to date an agent, an NBA agent, and he would see all of these guys you know, that made $100 million and then they get married and they always take it away,” said Kenya. “So he would always tell me, you know prenups protect you, he would show me the prenup. And I understood it. But when it came to my marriage, I said I want a prenup. He [Marc] was adamant about not having one and yeah, I regret not having one because my divorce right now is taking over. It’s still pending over two years now because we didn’t have a prenup.”


During a more upbeat part of Kenya’s interview, she also spoke on dating and shared that while she doesn’t have a particular type, she likes her men “pretty” and “kind.”

“I don’t have a type,” said Kenya. “You know, I don’t want people to judge me because I’m a reality star. I’m a former Miss USA, I’m a businesswoman or whatever. I don’t want to be put in a category or painted with a broad stroke. So I just like kind people. My focus has changed.. I like a pretty man now, He can be pretty, he can be tall but he has to be kind.”

Interestingly enough, rumors are swirling that Ms. Moore might have a “pretty” and “kind” man in her life who could make an appearance on #RHOA.

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LoveBScott is alleging that Kenya Moore is dating a “rich white man” who she might’ve met via #RHOA friend of the show, Monyetta Shaw. 

“Sources exclusively tell that Monyetta introduced Kenya Moore to a rich white man whom Kenya is now dating. We wonder if the man’s a friend of Monyetta’s husband — considering he appears to be of the caucasian persuasion.

Oh really? Are you ready to meet Ms. Moore’s possible new man on #RHOA season 15????

We’d def be here for it.

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