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A Real Housewife of Potomac whose been accused of colorism is being blasted for acting aloof during a conversation about it.

Real Housewives of Potomac

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During part two of the #RHOP Reunion, the topic of lighter-skinned castmates getting preferential treatment was brought up and Gizelle Bryant, the daughter of a civil rights activist, acted absolutely befuddled by the conversation.

Colorism has been a hot topic of discussion on #RHOP, especially in season 7 when Dr. Wendy Osefo was called “antagonistic” by Robyn Dixon in the wake of Mia Thornton throwing a drink at her.

After footage of the moment aired, Dr. Wendy called out fans who falsely thought she was the aggressor in the situation and wanted her fired.

“I vividly remember the outrage when people falsely assumed I threw a glass. Now, we all see the truth and magically the outrage disappears. How convenient”

Several people agreed with Wendy’s statement including Candiace Dillard who caught hell from #RHOP fans after her getting into a lettuce-tossing altercation with Mia.

Like Dr. Wendy, Candiace also believes lighter-skinned castmates are held to a different standard. 


The Green Eyed Bandits [Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon] have continued to deny that the Potomac franchise has a colorism problem with both of them saying that they “don’t get” where that notion comes from.

“I don’t understand where it comes from when watching the show and it can’t be further from the truth when it comes to myself and who I am as a person and my upbringing and everything like that,” said Robyn flat out to The Root. “I 100% reject that.”



Gizelle Bryant x Robyn Dixon

Source: Bravo / Watch What Happens Live

Now during the #RHOP Reunion, the conversation came up again—-and someone was seemingly uninterested in the discussion.

Colorism Is Discussed During The RHOP Reunion, Gizelle Bryant Faces Backlash

On Sunday, Andy Cohen took a backseat to the #RHOP colorism conversation and let the ladies have an open discussion amongst themselves.

Candiace Dillard led the convo by giving the Merriam-Webster definition of colorism before detailing why she believes it’s prevalent within the group.

“I’m viewed as the crybaby as the first tone to be emotional,” said Candiace while noting that Robyn has screamed and put her finger in Ashely Darby’s face, and “it’s not received the same way.”

Robyn countered however and said that she’s been labeled a mean girl and aggressive and her fellow Green Eyed Bandit weighed in.

“What does you being emotional have to do with skin color?” asked a confused-looking Gizelle to Candiace.

Candiace responded and said she’s been villanized, but it seemingly fell on deaf ears and viewers called out Gizelle for being “nasty” and “aloof.”

While Gizelle was confused, the Grand Dame Karen Huger admitted that she knows Candiace is judged more harshly than lighter-skinned castmates and Ashley Darby went on to acknowledge her privilege as a light-skinned woman.

She added however that she’s had an issue with everyone in the cast regardless of their skin tone.

Ashley has since doubled down by saying that the clashes on the show come from varying personality types—not colorism.

“It’s never based on a person’s skin color, that I can assert and maintain,” said the housewife.

Similarly, Candiace also had more to say and called out Gizelle for having a “commitment to misunderstanding her.”

Viewers are continuing to weigh in including Carlos King who said Gizelle was “disrespectful to her ancestors” for wanting to dismiss the conversation, a notion several people agreed with considering that her father Curtis Graves is a civil rights activist.

“I am disgusted,” said King.

What do YOU think about the #RHOP Reunion’s colorism convo?


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