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Candiace Dillard dominated the conclusion of the #RHOP reunion but the Internet’s up in arms over her claim that a castmate benefits from her “proximity to whiteness.”

Real Housewives of Potomac

Source: Clifton Prescod / Bravo

On Sunday, the Real Housewife of Potomac faced off again with Gizelle Bryant who had to answer to Candiace’s husband Chris Bassett over her allegations that he “made her feel uncomfortable” after the show’s 2021 reunion.

An angry Chris demanded that Gizelle specifically state “what he did” that she feels she’s owed an apology for and Candiace jumped in with “guttersnipe” shade.

“It’s been 10 months,” said Chris. “I’ve suffered for this for 10 months, losing clients, losing money, answering to my children, answering to my family. So f****g spit it out!”

“We not gonna talk if you just gonna be cussing at me because that’s not cool,” said Gizelle.

“What’s not cool is your guttersnipe b*** a** lying on my family!” said Candiace.



In the midst of Chris and Gizelle disagreeing about what happened between them, Candiace interjected again and dragged the woman that she once looked at like a big sister.

She once again said that Gizelle’s accusations discredit those of actual sexual assault victims and noted that the light-skinned woman’s “white looking a**” was benefitting from white privilege.

“This is unbelievable. It’s disgusting. You’re a garbage individual,” said Candiace. “You have no soul. That fact that you will sit up here and act as if you are the victim. You are the reason that women cannot come forward with sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations.”

She continued,

“Because you sit up here with your privileged white-looking a** and you think you can say whatever the f*** you want to say and no one is going to bat an eyelash. Your proximity to whiteness helps you to want to sit up here and tell these lies.”

Candiace’s comments were so stinging that even her good girlfriend Dr. Wendy Osefo jumped in.

“I know we just had the colorism conversation and one of the takeaways was for us to be mindful of the words we choose,” said Wendy. “You had stated something about her white skin. I know you’re angry, but I just want you to consider on the heels of that conversation just what that may imply.”

Candiace however doubled down.

“I understand what it may imply and I understand what I said,” said Candiace who concluded that someone brown-skinned like her may not be believed as a sexual assault victim while someone lighter-skinned like Gizelle or Ashley Darby would be believed.


#RHOP watchers are divided with some completely siding with Candiace…


and others alleging that the housewife was in the wrong.





The discourse surrounding Candiace’s comments has gotten so tumultuous that even her husband Chris Bassett, who is fully white, is joining in.


Candiace and Chris

Source: Shannon Finney / Bravo

On Monday Chris reposted a clip from a previous RHOP Reunion where Gizelle admitted to being “white-passing.”

“I could [pass for white] but I don’t because I”m proud to say I’m black,” said Gizelle.

“The two women who have the most European features seem to make the biggest deal of race,” said Ashley Darby in the clip.

What do YOU think about Candiace’s comments about Gizelle’s proximity to whiteness? Do you understand what she meant or did she take things too far?


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