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Deception in the dancery

Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: Starz

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 has been a twisted web of deception weaved by Monet who continues to slither from foul plot to shady scheme while manipulating her own kids after arranging a hit on their father, Lorenzo.

Whether she’ll slip up remains to be seen but the cold-blooded Tejada matriarch appears to be in complete control except for, uh, Diana getting popped on drug charges.

Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: Starz

In a moment we all saw coming, Diana was arrested during family dinner (which NEVER goes well in the Tejada household) in a dicey development that’s sure to complicate their entire operation.

Before that, Diana shut down ex-boo thang Salim’s shameless plea to win her back and exposed him for being the phony hotep that Cane said he was.

At this point, it’s safe to say that social media isn’t a fan of haiku hotep Salim who gets boo’d across the Powerverse every week.

As for Tariq, well, he knows two things no one else knows: Saxe is the mole and Lauren is alive with very few options and the Feds closing in.

There’s also the budding alliance between Cane and Effie, Brayden, once again, being terrible at crime, and Tariq’s potentially deadly partnership with Noma that may end with more bodies by season’s end.

If we know Tariq like we think we do, he’ll go after Saxe and find a way to cut Effie and Cane out of the business while taking down Noma with the help of Monet.

By doing this, he’ll buy himself some time before the Feds sniff out the Weston operation which would put everyone in harm’s way UNLESS he takes out Noma and her goons first. Whew!

How do you think Diana wriggles out of trouble? Do you think Tariq will take out Saxe this week? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from Episode 7 on the flip.

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