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The wheels on the “would you date a bus driver?” debate continue to go ’round and ’round.

Eboni K. Williams x DJ Envy

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Eboni K. Williams has tripled down on comments asserting she wouldn’t date a bus driver unless he “owned the bus” — and she’s revving up social media shade once again.

As previously reported, Williams, 39, asserted her stance during a one-on-one interview with Iyanla Vanzant for The Grio as they discussed “Modern Women & Femininity.” After feeling the initial fallout from her statement, the attorney elaborated in a video stating numerous things including that, “average is not and will never be good enough.”

Amdi continued backlash, Eboni appeared on The Breakfast Club where she hit the gas and engaged in a spirited debate with DJ Envy.

Eboni K. Williams Defends Her Bus Driver Comments On The Breakfast Club

While on the radio show, Eboni shared some of her family’s blue-collar work history. She explained that her grandfather worked at a feed mill, cut hair, and worked in a graveyard, and her mother, Gloria, drove a school bus before she became a licensed cosmetologist.

“So, for those of y’all talking to me like I don’t know what a CDL license can do, I helped my mom study for her CDL when I was nine years old, I promise you I know about that life,” said  Eboni.

“My point is this, it’s about skills. It is nothing wrong with driving a bus if that is your maximum skill set. I simply wanna call Black America up to the excellence that I know we can occupy.”

She continued,

“Entrepreneurship is the key to me, and it’s about Black enterprise, Black ownership and Black liberation. Cause my mama told me y’all… nobody will pay you what you will pay you” she shared.

“And this is not about shaming bus drivers,” she added. “But I wanna be clear, if you are driving a bus today and it that is the maximum of your skillset, I love and appreciate it for you because I have to because it’s an honest day’s living. But I wanna tell you the truth—in 10 years you may not have a job because of AI.”

Charlamagne Da God then retorted, “Well, lawyers might not have a job in 10 years,” to which Eboni agreed.

DJ Envy then interjected as he noted how successful many blue-collar workers become after they acquire property.

“Now this is my problem,” said Envy. “Now you know I do real estate and I do these seminars all across the country and we get thousands of people. The majority of people that own homes and investment homes are your quote unquote average workers [they] are your bus drivers [they] are your MTA workers so, they just don’t drive buses. They have properties.”

“So, when you said I wouldn’t date a bus driver unless he owned his own bus, a lot of people felt it like yo that’s disrespectful…”

Eboni then jumped in to defend herself.

“Envy, let me stop you right there. What you are applying now are not the facts as they were given to me. Iyanla did not ask me, ‘Eboni would you date a bus driver that also had a real estate portfolio.’ Iyanla did not ask me, hold on now, ‘Eboni would you date a bus driver that also has a litany of franchises.’ That was not the framing of the question, Envy.”

She continued and said, “had that been the framing of the question, I would have said Dr. Van I would, f—— yeah!”

Charlamagne then chimed in and said that Eboni actually agreed with Iyalana and noted that many failed to watch the interview in its entirety.

“That’s what’s confusing me because you actually agreed with Iyanla when she talked about you know you should be open to dating a bus driver, you can build with a bus driver,” said Charlamange.

 DJ Envy & Eboni K. Williams’ Bus Driver Debate Gets Heated

Elsewhere in the convo, DJ Envy commented on social media criticizing Williams while bringing up the ethnicity of her ex-fiancé since the attorney was previously engaged to a white man.

He also passionately defended people that have been offended by Eboni’s comments.

“One of the comments that I said and maybe I’m not sure, right. The brother guy was like, he was like ‘you talk all about this about lifting the brother up and  lifting us up and White suprewhen you sh– on the people that ride with me, I ride with them and what you do for our people and the first thing the brother said was, ‘but your fiancé was white.’  And I’m sitting there like how do you talk about how much you uplifting and how much you’re going for Black people and that’s not necessarily what you’re even looking for.”

“Paging Dr. Umar, damn”, Charlamagne quipped.

“I would love to know how you Envy, know what I’m looking for ’cause we’ve never had the conversation…”, Eboni responded.

The disk jockey interrupted the Charlotte native before her thought was complete and the chat became shockingly spicy.

Envy yelled, “So, when you sh– on the people that ride with me, I ride with them”, to which Eboni retorted, “You’re dead ass wrong for framing it as me sh—— on them.”

The tension in the room was palpable.

Hit the flip for more and for the full interview.

Eboni K. Williams Explains Her Intentions Behind Her Rebuttal Video

Eboni also made sure to clarify her intentions behind the rebuttal video she released where she lamented against Black people settling for “average.”

“It’s around your skill set, it’s not about the job being average, it’s your skill set,” said Eboni.”If C and D, back to the academics—if that is you’re best [then], God bless you.

I just know that for a lot of us, that is the bigotry of low expectations.


“I don’t have to make anybody feel bad, my intention was never to make anybody feel bad,” she added. “To Envy’s point, intention means nothing so I’m not debating intention. It might have been painful regardless of my intention, and yet how do we move on from it? I’m not gonna not not say what I believe and feel for the sake of feelings.”


What do YOU think about Eboni K. Williams clarifying her bus driver comments?



Was social media correct in throwing her under the bus or do you agree with her POV?

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