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Two ladies of #RHOA nearly came to blows amid a heated convo about a deceased nephew. “The only reason why I’m crying right now is because I can’t choke yo a**, b***!” said an especially activated “redhead” housewife.

On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers saw Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton face off amid allegations that Kandi “didn’t care” about the death of the fellow housewife’s relative.

Kandi vs Marlo

Source: AB+DM (Ahmad Barber and Danté Maurice) / Bravo

Throughout the season Marlo has accused Kandi of having a lackluster reaction to the devastating news that her nephew, who used to work at Old Lady Gang, was shot and killed.

Despite it happening two years ago, a “triggered” Marlo said hearing about Kandi’s nephew being shot at Blaze Steak & Seafood caused her ill feelings to resurface and she wondered why her “friend” didn’t express more concern about the tragedy.

“My family was shocked that Kandi didn’t do anything,” said Marlo in a confessional before saying that Kandi should have sent flowers or catered the funeral. “They thought I was lying.”

“I didn’t even know that was bothering me still, that just came out,” she added.

Not only that, but she believed that housewife Drew Sidora was tip-toeing around the topic of the shooting at Kandi’s business so as to not upset “Queen Kandi.”

Later on in the episode, Kandi was floored to hear what Marlo said about her and agreed with Kenya Moore that the housewife was trying to “turn people against her.”

“She’s claiming that she brought it up to you and you didn’t send flowers,” said Kenya while Kandi wondered why Marlo waited two years to address the issue.

“She’s trying to tear down our business,” said Kandi in a confessional. “Lying a** b***.”

Following that, Kandi was seen coming to a group outing at an escape room and immediately asked to speak to Marlo.

Marlo agreed to chat and told Drew to join them.

As Marlo tried to explain her point of view, Kandi shut down her and things got heated.

“You are trying to attach your nephew’s shooting to me, I told you he no longer worked for us,” said Kandi. “So, I don’t understand why you’re running it back to her as if his shooting has something to do with me and my damn restaurant. Don’t do that!’

“Anything she can use to try to tear me down, she tries to run with it and I have a problem with that,” Kandi added in confessional.

Marlo countered however that the timing is irrelevant considering that people don’t “sugarcoat” things when it comes to her and her transgressions like her previous arrest.

“What does that say about your character?” asked Marlo. “Y’all bring up s*** from me from 23 years ago,” said Marlo.

“You are not going to attack me!” Kandi retorted. “I’m going to tell you right now, b****! If you had a problem with it, you should have said something!”

“I did that’s why I said f*** you!” yelled Marlo while they nearly came to blows. “You should have sent me flowers!”

Things then escalated further and the other housewives jumped in to break it up.

Kenya was seen holding Kandi back while Sanya Richards-Ross jumped in front of Marlo. Drew alleged that Marlo was being aggressive and Kandi told Kenya not to hold her back if actual hands were thrown.

“If she pop off, do not grab me,” said Kandi to Kenya before being mocked by Marlo for crying. “The only reason why I’m crying right now is because I can’t choke yo a**, b***!”



Kandi might have been tearful during that messy moment, but she was much more calm during a recent episode of “Speak On It” while recapping what happened.

Hit the flip for her thoughts.

Kandi Recaps Marlo Clash On #RHOA

On the latest episode of Kandi’s podcast, the housewife told subscribers that she was already angry walking into the event because she was having issues in her personal life.

"Kandi & The Gang" Series Premiere Celebration

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

“I was already mad,” said Kandi. “I was in a very bad space because I was having a lot of drama in my personal life with my group and it was a lot of stuff going on, they already showed you what was going on with the BravoCon and stuff with my mom, I had a lot of different things happening at the same time outside of Housewives.

“So when I’m hearing that this woman is looking for a way to drag my name and drag my business yes, [I was upset],” she added. “If you wanna know if I care about my business and how it looks on this show, of course I care about my business.”

She also denied Marlo’s claims that she didn’t want to discuss the shooting at her restaurant on camera and revealed why she brought up Marlo’s previous arrest.

“So it wasn’t that I wasn’t gonna talk about it I just went talking about it with her,” said Kandi. “And yes, that’s why I brought up her slashing that girl’s face because I feel like for years I have not played into bringing up her past and different things because I’m not trying to really make her look bad but I just feel like, okay, if you want to drag my name and make me look bad we gonna drag you too.”

Ultimately, Kandi called Marlo’s actions nonsensical.

“For her to try to tie that in, it made no sense,” said Kandi. “What happened to her nephew was in 2020. It’s 2023 y’all, even if it was 2022 when we filmed this scene that was two years ago. She was not worried about her nephew, she really was trying to find a way to drag my businesses.”

“You’re trying to make people afraid to support my business. These women are trying to portray me as this ghetto hood rat.


“I was frustrated and yes I wanted to choke the s*** out her a***,” she added. “Sometimes you feel that way even when you’re on camera. Am I mad at myself for allowing myself to fall for the okey doke? Yeah, I don’t really wanna portray Black women like that on TV. Can I be that girl? Yes, I can be that girl.”

Watch Kandi recap her Marlo clash below.

What do YOU think about what went down on #RHOA? Twitter is clearly picking sides.



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