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Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta ended with an explosive moment when Marlo Hampton took her Kandi Burruss frustrations out on Drew Sidora.

RHOA: Marlo, Drew, Kandi

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During the show, Drew asked Kandi about an “incident” that happened at her restaurant Blaze Steak and Seafood. That incident was actually a shooting that left Kandi’s nephew, Chef Melvin Jones, injured.


“What’s going on at Blaze?” asked Drew. “We were at Blaze two days before, there was like an incident. It was all over the news.”

“You talking about the shooting that happened at Blaze?” quipped Marlo in the background before Kandi noted that it was a”private matter.”

Kandi quickly shutting down the convo apparently ticked off Marlo and she threatened to leave.

“I’m gonna get on home, because like I always say, Kandi Burruss can never talk about what she wants,” said Marlo.

Kandi then countered by bringing up Marlo’s previous arrest when she slashed a woman in the face, and Marlo told #RHOA cameras that Kandi gets the privilege of having things swept under the rug.

Later, a frustrated Marlo asked Drew why she didn’t use the word “incident” to Kandi. Drew tried to explain that she didn’t want to use the word because it could be triggering but Marlo said it was too late.

“Drew is trying to act like she lost people to gun violence and she can’t say the word shooting,” Marlo said in a confessional. “But I lost someone who was close to me as well and it’s triggering for me.”

She doubled down on that point to Drew while recalling the 2020 murder of her nephew Quentin.

“My nephew is dead and he used to work at her restaurant,” said Marlo before going into a story about her breaking the unfortunate news via text to Kandi.

A clip was then shown of Kandi and Marlo discussing Quentin’s murder at Kandi’s house. Marlo alleged that Kandi acted as though she had no idea what happened.

“Nobody can make Kandi talk about anything she doesn’t want to, chile, and people allow her to get away with it,” said Marlo.

All of this apparently triggered Marlo into having a huge outburst and getting into Drew’s face.

“My nephew is dead, my blood nephew is dead. My nephew is dead, b***!” said Marlo before storming out.” Cut off the acting!”

As you can imagine, many #RHOA watchers were confused by Marlo’s actions, so the housewife took to social media to explain.

Hit the flip for that.

According to Marlo, the ladies of #RHOA were scared to talk about “Queen Kandi” and that triggered her considering that her nephew used to work at Old Lady Gang before he was murdered.

"Kandi & The Gang" Series Premiere Celebration

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Marlo thought that when she discussed his death with Kandi years ago, the restaurateur would have a bigger reaction but she didn’t and that disappointed her.

“She didn’t acknowledge it,” said Marlo on Instagram Live. “Then as you see, I went to her home a day or two later and acted as if I never texted her about it. To me, it’s all about the acknowledgment.”

“I get that incident sounds better than shooting, but don’t you think defending myself sounds better than me stabbing somebody or cutting somebody?” she added referencing her previous arrest. I’m confused. But this is my friend, right?”

She ultimately said that she believed that Kandi should’ve sent a card or flowers. “C’mon, how do you not acknowledge that?!” said Marlo.



Marlo also made that point during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and discussed how triggering it was to hear the Blaze Steakhouse shooting be called an “incident.”

Not only that, but it was especially upsetting considering the correlation between her late nephew who used to work for Kandi at Old Lady Gang, and Kandis’s nephew being shot at the restaurant.

“I just wanted some condolences, my nephew has 1,000 pictures in my phone with you,” said Marlo on #WWHL.

What do YOU think about Marlo’s explanation over the “triggering” Blaze Steakhouse shooting? Do you see her point?

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