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Carlee Russell

Source: Hoover Police Department

Social media is A B L A Z E over the Hoover Police Department’s highly anticipated press conference where Police Chief Nicholas C. Derzis revealed shocking new details about Carlee Russell‘s 48-hour disappearance.

In a thorough presentation, Derzis outlined what Carlee told them and what they concluded on their own during the ongoing investigation that hasn’t led to the toddler or alleged abductors.

Detectives conducted a brief interview with Carlee in the hospital where she claimed to have been abducted by a man with orange hair and a bald spot who “came out of the trees.”

Carlee Russell

Source: Hoover Police Department / Russell Family

She claimed the man forced her into a car and the next thing she remembered was being inside the trailer of an 18-wheeler semi where she heard a woman and a baby that she didn’t see.

She claimed to have escaped from the trailer before being recaptured and taken to a house where her alleged captors forced her to undress and pose for photographs.

At some point, the woman fed her Cheez-Its before she was able to escape, flee into the woods and come out near her home.

Detectives noted she had a minor injury on her lip and a torn shirt. They also found $107 in cash tucked in her right sock.

“We’ve asked to interview Carlee a second time but have not been granted that request,” said Derzis. “There are many questions left to be answered, but only Carlee can provide those answers.”

With the assistance of multiple agencies including the Secret Service, Hoover PD was able to access Carlee’s phone which showed that she traveled 600 yards during the 911 call.

“To think that a toddler, barefoot, that could be three or four years old is going to travel six football fields without getting on the roadway, without crying… it’s very hard for me to understand,” said Chief Derzis.

They also combed through her eyebrow-raising internet searches from the days prior to her going missing.

According to Chief Derzis, Carlee searched for the Liam Neeson abduction thriller Taken, Amber Alerts, how to steal money from a register without getting caught, and one-way bus tickets to Nashville, Tennessee.

Citing the public interest in this case, Chief Derzis chose his words carefully as he shared the facts that don’t completely align with Carlee’s account of what happened.

When asked if he thought a crime had been committed in this case, Derzis simply replied “no.”

You can watch the press conference in full below:

The press conference exasperated the social media firestorm over Carlee’s disappearance, which many now believe was a hoax.

Yesterday, we reported on Carlee’s mother’s statement about “rumors” and “lies” being spread on the internet about her daughter’s disappearance.

We can’t help but feel bad for Carlee’s parents as they now have to question if they were duped and are now subject to public embarrassment.

Over the past few days, celebs including Viola Davis, Tina Knowles-Lawson and activist Tamika Mallory spread the word about Carlee’s disappearance, which appears to be fraudulent for reasons not yet known.

Addressing the fallout over Carlee’s seemingly false story, Mallory explained that she’ll still believe in and support Black women going forward.

Other celebs including Yung Miami chimed in on the shocking revelations from the now-infamous press conference.

As expected, social media exploded with a mix of jokes and serious takeaways from the case that’s still open according to Chief Derzis.

How do you think this case ends? Do you think this was a mental health emergency or something else entirely? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over the shocking press conference on the flip.

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