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Who gon’ pay that, boo?!

Shereé Whitfield knows that a conversation surrounding her birthday dinner made headlines this week and the Real Housewife of Atlanta is offering an exclusive response to BOSSIP.

“He didn’t plan the dinner, I did,” said Shereé.

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On Sunday’s episode of #RHOA, a debate was sparked about Shereé’s man-friend at the time Martell Holt not picking up the group tab for her birthday dinner. It was alleged that the Love & Marriage Huntsville star even asked the housewife’s friends to CashApp him money to foot the $1,500 bill.

During the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, Shereé and fellow housewife, Sanya Richards Ross got into a heated debate about the subject that went viral.

Sanya admitted that she initially thought Martell would pay before realizing that his relationship with her friend was too new for that expectation. Other things were discussed including Sanya’s husband Ross allegedly offering to pick up the tab and guests not bringing presents before Shereé concluded;

“At the end of the day, it was just a little much for anybody to think that they were gonna come to my birthday party and not bring me a gift and not do this and not do that, and then you think that you’re gonna get your meal paid for. We’re not married or anything like that.”


As the b-day dinner debate continues on, Shereé’s exclusively breaking down the proper “Shetiqutte” to BOSSIP.

Shereé Whitfield Responds To The#RHOA Birthday Dinner Debate

According to Shereé who admittedly planned a last-minute dinner for 14 at Atlanta’s NOBU restaurant, she doesn’t understand why people wanted her to cough up coins for their meal.

“I threw this myself,” Shereé told BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada. “I put this together. It’s my birthday. They wanted to take me to dinner and I just kind of invited other people. But it’s my birthday, you want me to pay for you?!

“I mean, we’re all grown,” she added. “When I go to a birthday dinner, we just make sure that that birthday person, that birthday girl does not have to come out of her pocket, she’s taken care of.”

She also addressed her comments to Sanya about not bringing a b-day gift to the celebration. While noting that the invites didn’t go out till the day-of-the event, Shereé said some of the guests did bring presents. Considering that certain people did not, Shereé wondered why they expected a free meal at the celebration.

“You want to come empty-handed and you want me to pay for your food? And your husband?!” said Shereé to BOSSIP. “First of all, why y’all even want somebody to pay for your food? I make sure I got enough money when I go, if I’m invited somewhere, I can always pay for my own meal. And I don’t expect [it to be paid for.]

While addressing the “Martell should have paid” comments that have been bubbling on social media, Shereé defended the fellow reality star which whom she currently shares a friendship.


To be clear, Martell paid for the housewife’s dinner, he seemingly did not pay for everyone else’s.

“They expected him [Martell Holt], for whatever reason, they expected him to pay, which I don’t think is really fair because he didn’t plan the dinner,” said Shereé. “I did that.”

“Was it Martell Holt’s birthday dinner for Sheree?” asked Dani Canada.

“No,” replied Shereé. “And actually we didn’t even come together. He was an invited guest just like everybody else was. So it’s not like we came in together and we were like, “Oh, okay everybody you sit…” No, we didn’t even arrive together. He was invited just like everybody else.”

She continued,

“He was invited as a guest. Why would you think that my invited guests should pay for your meal? When everyone clearly knew that we did not arrive together, because they arrived before he did actually.”



That’s not all Shereé said however, hit the flip for our full interview with the housewife.

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During our chat with Shereé, the #RHOA O.G. also responded to a comment made by Monyetta Shaw about a “collusion” amongst the ladies.

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Shaw said she personally witnessed Shereé, Sanya, Marlo and Courtney conspiring against housewife Drew Sidora while on the cast trip to Portugal and it was brought up again during Sunday’s episode.



According to Shereé, however, an alleged collusion is simply untrue.

I’m so confused,” the housewife told BOSSIP. “What will we be colluding about? What is the collusion for? Could she ever give that answer? I was lost.
“I don’t know where she got that from,” she added. “I don’t know if she just wanted some airtime. I don’t know.”

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Watch our full conversation with Shereé below where she comments on the impending reunion, “glamma” life, and even NeNe Leakes’ “house she built” comments.

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