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Was Shakira’s performance at the 2023 MTV VMAs so outstanding that it compelled Tiffany Haddish to chase her down like a wild banshee after the show?

Or did the pixie-rocking blonde simply have one too many drinks?

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage

Source: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

Social media users are dragging Tiffany for her groupie-like behavior caught in 4K. A clip surfaced of the Girl’s Trip actress frantically following Shakira as she aggressively and repeatedly yelled her name….with a Spanish accent.

The 46-year-old singer chatted with attendees and posed for pictures at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey as the actress power walked towards her — maneuvering around servers and cocktail tables.

The Latin legend graced The States with her presence on Sept. 12 to join the 35 other iconic MTV Video Vanguard recipients, but the Columbian singer couldn’t have predicted she would be lightly stalked by a fellow Grammy winner.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer seemingly ignored Tiffany’s cries even when the comedian was literally yelling in her ear drums.

The Haunted Mansion actress even began photobombing Shakira on the red carpet. The superstar “escaped” when the opportunity presented itself.

Check out Tiffany Haddish on her worst behavior after the flip!

Tiffany Haddish Hunts Down Shakira At The MTV VMAs In A Cringe-Worthy Clip

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage

Source: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

Warning: You will likely experience secondhand embarrassment upon viewing.

An X user tweeted, “There go Tiffany Haddish annoying a– doing the absolute most.”

Some claimed she was desperately seeking attention from the VMA cameras throughout the entire show.

One user posted, “Tiffany Haddish when the camera turns to her #vmas” along with an In Living Color clip.

The Night School actress seems to be unbothered by the uproar commenting under a post about her shenanigans, “This is soooooo interesting to me. If you feel like I did too much y’all better be buying @shakira new album! This experience has Aloud me to realize how truly popular I am. I appreciate all of your opinions. Thank you. Shana Tova.”

 Today on X she tweeted, “When people make videos about me or talk about me Good or bad. I just think Thank you all for making me more famous and relevant. I see it’s driving the enemy crazy cause they really want to be where I am, It will never happen.”

Social Media Says Tiffany Haddish “Couldn’t Be Trusted” Creeping On Shakira After Sexual Assault Allegations

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage and Audience

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

One social media user was determined not to let her off the hook so easily. They drudged up Tiffany’s sexual assault allegations, stating the 43-year-old “couldn’t be trusted” when Shakira’s sons, Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, are “around.”

This time last year, two siblings accused Tiffany and Aries Spears of grooming and molesting them while they were underaged. The comedians’ alleged misconduct took place while filming inappropriate “comedic” skits.

Page Six obtained the documents stating Tiffany instructed the young girl to mimic fellatio in a scene about kids arguing over a sub sandwich. The alleged victim was 22 at the time of the filing.


In addition, the girl’s brother, who was 14 at the time of the suit, claimed both comedians molested him during the filming of the disconcerting skit, Through a Pedophile’s Eyes.

Both Haddish and Spears rejected the validity of the claims, and eventually, the case was dismissed.

The Here Today actress took to social media to thank the universe for tidying up the “mess” in her life.

“God has been redecorating my life lately and I must say at 1st I was very uncomfortable,” she tweeted.

“But I see where he is going with it and I am so much better off. Thank You God! You are the best at getting rid of the mess. ( and when I say mess you know who and what I mean God) Amen.”

Some fans noted Shakira may have been dodging Tiffany because of he past sexual allegations.

The Shakira stalking scandal isn’t the best rollout for Haddish’s musical debut. The comedian is trying her hand at Hip Hop as she released her new single, “Till The Club Closes,” featuring Lil Jon, Fivio Foreign, and Begetz on Sept. 12.

Do you think Tiff has a chance in music? Was she just being herself after the VMAs as she playfully followed Shakira?

Tiffany is known and loved by many for her extraness. Yet, it’s still important to note there’s a time and place, girl…a time and place.

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