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Summer Walker’s beef with Chrisean Rock continues after mocking her parenting in a TikTok. In response to Summer’s impersonation of her, the rapper clapped back about the singer’s own baby mama drama and “f*cked up BBL.”

Chrisean Rock x Summer Walker

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Yikes! The reality star already doesn’t play about disrespect, especially when it comes to her baby and after Summer Walker doubled and tripled down on her attempt at Chrisean comedy, the new mom was NOT’ laughing. The Shade Room reports that Chrisean put Summer on blast for being a hypocritical hater and issued a reminder that she’d “beat the sh*t outta anybody that cross[es] my path.”

The beef started on Wednesday with Summer TikTok impersonating Chrisean venting about Blueface and backlash about (mis)handling her newborn son. Throughout the skit, she rocked a crop top and a blacked-out front tooth. The singer “unsafely” holds a baby doll with its neck dangling. She ends with the doll balancing on her head.

Summer quickly felt the heat for doing Chrisean dirty and took to Instagram Stories with a disclaimer about her favorite comedians who “say sh*t and don’t give af.” Fans have asked the R&B baddie to show more personality onstage, but maybe she’s saving that for her comedy career.

“please do not take my humor [too] serious. My favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor, & Katt Williams. They say sh*t and don’t give af. I know this generation doesn’t understand how to actually just laugh and move on but yeah,” she wrote.

Chrisean Tried To Take The High Road, Confronting Summer Privately After The TikTok “Hurt” & “Triggered” Her


Chrisean Rock addressed the video on Instagram Live, trying to settle the issue maturely. The “Vibe” rapper admitted that she would rather “reconcile every situation” than immediately throw hands or insults.

Instead of going from zero to one hundred real quick, Chrisean opened up and revealed that Summer Walker’s joke about the viral Walmart video really “hurt her.”

“I saw that video right, I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, she think she funny’ but these all the thoughts that was going through my head: ‘she don’t even know that Walmart video triggered me.’ Lowkey hurt my feelings for real,” she explained on Thursday.

Chrisean is really on her “grown woman sh*t” and reached out to Summer privately before publicly addressing it. It seemed like they were all good after connecting. She claimed Summer even offered to take down the video.

The drama could’ve ended there, but Summer wanted to spin the block on their beef and wake up the old Rock.

See how Summer Walker started round two of the beef after the flip!

Summer Walker Shades “Butt Hurt” Chrisean Rock After Seemingly Squashing Their Beef

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Welp, despite Chrisean Rock saying that she worked things out, Summer Walker clearly wasn’t Over It. She could’ve just quietly moved on or deleted like she promised, but she dropped more justification for “the same joke everyone else said.”

Girl, quit while you’re ahead!

On her Instagram Stories, Summer fired back at Chrisean for being “sensitive” and “butt hurt” about the parental pettiness.

“I really be forgetting I’m famous af. 2 million people make a TikTok say the same joke everyone else said but I do it people butt hurt,” she wrote.

“Sensitive about a TikTok that was viral before I did it but ain’t have no sympathy when you be dragging b*tches across the ground and dumbing h*es in sinks just fo looking at you funny. Let’s please tighten up it was never that serious.”

When it comes to Chrisean Jr., his mama is very serious! The new mom is transparent about her growth and admitted she made a mistake in the Walmart clip. If anyone should understand why Chrisean is “sensitive,” it’s Summer.

Did the “White Tee” singer forget the internet accusing her of being a bad mother with her first child? She was in Chrisean’s shoes just two years ago. The first pictures of Summer’s daughter Bubbles raised concerns about nutrition and interestingly enough, not supporting the child’s neck.

Social media comments compared her baby’s slim limbs to a “premie” and many accused the singer of endangering and “starving” her child.

In the next chapter of the beef, Chrisean fired back receipts of her own and was very ready to “drag b*tches” again, just like Summer said.

Check out Chrisean Rock clapping back at Summer Walker for her having “no man” and a “f*cked up BBL” after the flip!

Chrisean Rock Drags Summer Walker’s “Three F*cking Kids, No Man, And A F*cked Up BBL,” Warns That She’ll “Beat The Sh*t Outta Anybody”

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So much for Chrisean Rock trying to take the high road with Summer Walker. Once again, Summer went low, and the Baddies East star took it to hell. Chrisean called Summer out for offering support in private but jumping on the “hate train” in public.

“You the same b*tch reaching out talking bout ‘hey do you need any help, I see how this new mommy sh*t, don’t worry about it’ and then you the same b*tch that join the hate train, the mockery, the joke of Rock. Alright, but I ain’t making no mockery of you having three f*cking kids, no man, and a f**ked up BBL,” Chrisean said.

After trying to keep it cute with Summer, she let the chopper sing on social media. The Zeus Network star also posted receipts of attempting to handle the situation “with grace” in their DMs. Chrisean warned the mom of three to check her own life instead of playing with the wrong one.

“Like my n*gga, a lot of motherf*ckers, y’all got no room to talk about, or mock people, joke on people for the fun of it. Check your life before you start f**king playing with other people, real sh*t. And then y’all acting like I won’t beat the sh*t outta anybody that cross my path. Like, stop playing with me my n*gga. The f*ck? Here go your clout, everybody clout chasing off me and that sh*t evil as f*ck,” she continued.

Whew, Summer, throw in the tile!

What do you think of Summer Walker’s TikTok? Do you agree with Chrisean Rock clapping back at her?

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