Blac Chyna Says Tyga's Friends Kicked Her Out After Kylie Affair

Blac Chyna Discovered Tyga’s ‘Betrayal’ With Kylie Jenner Online, Says Tyga’s Friends Broke Off Engagement By Kicking Chyna Out

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Blac Chyna revealed Tyga‘s breakup “betrayal” started with Kylie Jenner dating rumors on social media and ended with his friends packing up Chyna’s belongings to kick her out.

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The 35-year-old, who now goes by Angela White, opened up on the latest episode of The Viall Files. ET reports the former dancer shared details of her courtship with the “Rack City” rapper before things went left.

“He definitely made the first move,” Angela said referencing her ex. “He was really sweet and really charming and I saw something there. We were together for three years.”

As for why their relationship fizzled, Tyga — born Michael Ray Stevenson — began dating the reality TV teen. Yet, Chyna admits they were already having problems. By this time, she had given birth to their son King, who is now 11.

“I feel like it ran its course and then he started talking to Kylie at the time, which she was like 16 or something. Yeah, I was engaged and stuff, so that’s kind of what ended it,” Angela revealed to Nick Viall.


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Tyga never informed Chyna that he moved on. Tokyo Toni’s daughter found out about his secret romance “the same way everybody else did, the Internet.”

Cold-blooded. Is this where Tristan Thompson learned it from? Tyga walked so Tristan could run….all over Khloe. The cheating and creeping on a teen was bad enough, but Blac Chyna’s breakup was even worse.

Read how Tyga’s friends initiated the breakup by kicking Blac Chyna out of the home after the flip!

Tyga Broke Up With Blac Chyna By Having His Friends Pack Her Stuff And Kick Her Out

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Angela was still living with the rapper then. She did not take the rumored romance with Kylie seriously until she says Tyga’s friends packed up her belongings and loaded them into her SUV.

“It was actually when Tyga’s friends threw me out of his house. Yeah, they packed my stuff up and put it in my, well, his truck at the time,” she confessed. on The Viall Files. “Packed it right on up and packed in the G wagon that he had given to me at the moment.”

What made matters worse was the betrayal she also felt from her then-friend, Kim Kardashian — a topic she has never publicly discussed.

“That whole situation alone was kind of crazy for me and I never really talked about this until today. Me and Kim, we were really good friends,” she told podcaster, Nick Viall.

“I was on her show and all this stuff like that. We lived in the same community. And then her little sister started talking to Tyga, which was really crazy because she was underage and then everybody came at me and started attacking me.”

Angela was taken aback by the backlash she received, given the circumstances.

“It’s like, nobody’s seen the betrayal that was going on behind my back of me talking to somebody — Kim — and then her little sister, who she has no control over, started talking to my fiancé and then I get attacked,” she added. “And it’s like, how does that work? But it was kind of crazy.”

The bright side of the breakup? Angela says she “went into full hustle, grind mode” and turned herself into a boss.



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Kylie and Tyga went on to date for 3 years, from 2014 to 2017. The reality star later moved on to rapper Travis Scott. The new couple later welcomed two children, Aire, 1, and Stormi, 5.

Check out what Blac Chyna revealed about keeping it all in the family with Robert Kardashian while co-parenting with Tyga after the flip!

Blac Chyna’s Unexpected Romance With Rob Kardashian And Awkward Arrangements To Co-Parent With Tyga

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Angela’s relationship with Kylie’s older brother, Robert Kardashian, made matters more messy.

“What makes it even more wild is the thing with me and Rob after that. Because Rob hit me up on the DM, and it’s like, ‘OK, what do y’all want now?'” Angela explained of her feelings to Nick Viall. “It was like, ‘What are y’all trying to do to me now? Why is your brother in my DM?’ And then I started talking to him and I’m like, ‘OK, this guy is actually really cool.’ We just fell in love and we had Dream.”

Their relationship ultimately ended terribly in the media but the mom of two says, “everybody’s in a great place” now.  Angela remained relatively mum about her Kardashian drama over the years. However, she’s done being silent and says she deserves to tell her story.

“I never used to talk about these things, but I’m like, you know what? I think I’m kinda done with that and people need to hear my side,” she shared. “It’s been years. I didn’t come out and be a bitter baby mama, you know what I mean? I feel like time has passed.”

Additionally, she spoke about her current custody battle with Tyga stating their co-parenting relationship was” all good until recently this year”. White says she had an epiphany about Tyga’s motives after she lost the Kardashian case.

 “Then it dawned on me that him keeping King longer right after I did the case with the Kardashians. That’s when he had kind of snuck that in there, trying to keep King, my son.”

Angela is confident she will win her case against the 33-year-old. “I know I’m going to win, and I’m going to have my time with my son,” she said.


She requested the court grant more visitation and more transparency concerning King. The TV personality says she only has King 24 hours a week. The model claims his father “refuses to directly communicate with her, share his contact information, or give her an address for where King lives.” She also alleges Tyga withheld important information about her son’s health, welfare, medications and school.

Tyga, in turn, asked the court for full physical and legal custody of King. The single dad offered Chyna “reasonable visitation” on weekends. He also asked for written requests to take King out of state and a consistent holiday schedule.


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Blac Chyna’s Decision To Get Sober

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Miss White says she’s sober now, and her new spiritual path helped get her there.

“I just feel like my kids are getting older and I need to be 100 percent clear minded at all times,” she stated. “I don’t want to feel like I’m getting attacked or blindsided in any way.”

She told ET “the most important thing for me right now is battling my custody case to get my son.” She added, “Once that’s out the way, I feel like I can go onto the next thing, but that right now is my main priority. My kids are my main priority… [and] I’m not gonna give up, at all.”

She concluded, “Moms don’t give up on their kids.”

Social media users speculate Chyna’s focus isn’t more time with her son, King, but the child support she could potentially get from Tyga.

Check out Blac Chyna’s full interview below.


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