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NBA In-Season Tournament Championship: Lakers win inaugural NBA Cup

Source: Anadolu / Getty

Adam Silver’s first-ever NBA in-season tournament turns out to be a hit among fans and players and the Lakers win it all in Las Vegas.

The start of the NBA season is usually lackluster and if you watch the NBA or know someone who does, we usually don’t pay attention until Christmas. Adam Silver decided to do something about this season and implemented the first-ever NBA in-season tournament.

At first, everyone collectively rolled their eyes but when LeBron James stated he wanted the $500k reward his competitive nature spread to his peers.

Yesterday December 9th, LeBron and Anthony Davis led the Lakers to a victory over the Pacers becoming the IST champions. Anthony Davis had a season-best performance putting up 40 points and 20 rebounds according to ESPN.

Additionally, LeBron held it down as well contributing 24 points with 11 rebounds which secured him the MVP award of the tournament.

“My enthusiasm about being here post-career, bringing a team here has not changed,” James said. “The fans are amazing here. They have everything already: WNBA team, they have a baseball team (Athletics) coming in soon, NFL team, hockey team, F1 (Formula One) was just here. This is a place that loves great attractions, and I think the NBA will be another great addition to this city.”

It’s no secret the NBA is going to expand to Las Vegas soon and LeBron allegedly already put his name in the hat to be an owner of that team. If you’re wondering what the prize was for winning the tournament it’s cold hard cash. Each player on the winning team receives $500k each while the losing team gets $200k each.

Not a bad prize at all especially for newer players who won more than their yearly pay.

Furthermore, it’s another championship for LeBron and a new GOAT conversation talking point since Jordan never won the IST championship.

You can watch the Lakers post-game celebration below.



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