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Mariah Huq x Quad Webb

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Mariah Huq is commenting on the house she built with a popular Bravo show while sharing some shocking opinions. The creator of Married To Medicine is confirming that she feels she was pushed off the program and noting that her former best friend should have a spinoff.

The reality star/EP was a recent guest on Carlos King’s Reality With The King podcast and discussed numerous topics including her thoughts on the 10th season of the show.

According to Mariah who still makes a “cute coin” from the show, she’s happy with what she created and built because it was a springboard for other opportunities—but she still believes she deserves more money.

“I think I deserve a lot more money,” said Mariah who sued Bravo in 2021 for discrimination amid claims that the network refused to pay her royalties. “But I’m good.”

She also confirmed that she agrees with fans who think she was unceremoniously booted from her own show.

“Yeah, I was pushed out. My contract ran out from a talent perspective because I had multiple contracts. I didn’t realize in the beginning that was the goal the entire time, they don’t ever want you to have too much power.”

“In hindsight, I feel like maybe it was best [but] I don’t think it was best for the show,” she added. “There’s no way they can come up with any reason why I should be out of the show. I feel like I was a bit pushed out prematurely but I think it backfired in a lot of ways and I don’t think it was best for the franchise.”

She continued,

“I just don’t like the way in which it was done. I was stabbed in my back, my heart, my jugular and my eye with all those ladies. I’m not even mad at the producers, you can’t let the devil use you, you have to have a vessel. They didn’t have a reason.”




Mariah who also confirmed claims that she called the show “Married To Mariah” to note her top dog status, also spoke on production allegedly pitting the girls against each other and spoke on newbie seemingly struggling to assimilate into the group.

“It becomes a form of bullying,” said Mariah on Reality With The King. “But I think that’s the problem of it. It loses the sincerity, it doesn’t feel authentic when you do that. It’s almost pre-produced or over-produced. You should be able to talk to who you want you. I can’t even imagine what Miss Sweet Tea is going through.

In their mind they’ve already decided that this lady isn’t going to be part of this group moving forward from what I see from afar. She’s fighting a war she’s already lost and it’s not fair to her.”

That’s not all Mariah said however, hit the flip for her thoughts on her former best friend Miss Quad.

Elsewhere in her Carlos King interview, Mariah spoke on her falling out with Quad.

The ladies are still estranged after having a nasty fallout amid mistress allegations and rumors about drug use, and when asked if she believes Quad’s “karma” was the way she was iced out of the group’s Napa Valley trip, Mariah had an interesting response.

“I don’t think Quad deserves any more karma than the rest of them ladies,” said Mariah on Reality With The King. “I think they’re all the same, I think they’re gonna stab each other in the back. I don’t know if that was her karma or not, I know the way in which they did it wasn’t right.”

She then went on to lament against the group having Quad fly out to wine country just to send her home.


Source: Phylicia J. L. Munn / Bravo

“I don’t like to play games like that,” said Mariah. “Now they messing with the girl’s money. They’re icing her out so she can’t make a certain amount of money, it’s stupid to me because they shouldn’t be able to control that,” she added noting that the reality stars get paid episodically.

“As long as you getting your coin, that’s what you should worry about that,” she added. “You shouldn’t worry about how many scenes Quad has. I don’t know if it’s Quad’s karma but I think she’s getting a taste of her own medicine with the voting out s***. They should’ve never started that.”

Interestingly enough, Mariah went on to say that she believes Quad’s time on Married To Medicine is up, but since she’s still a star, she should have a show of her own.

“I think by now she should’ve spinned off,” said Mariah. “She’s single, why is she [on there]? I’m not being funny. I don’t understand how she’s married to medicine in any way. I think when her and Dr. G got a divorce I don’t think she should’ve been kicked off the show, they should’ve shown the way they transitioned and shown her building a new life, show her dating, but if she’s a star, let her shine in another avenue. It’s a lot of doctors and doctor’s wives that deserve to be shown.”

She went on to say that she thinks Quad and all of the ladies are stars in their own rights but stopped short of saying she misses her ex-friend.

“I used to [miss her], I don’t anymore,” said Mariah to Carlos King. “I think she’s become so much like them, she’s new, I think the only person that’s kinda the same is Toya [Bush-Harris]. I think Quad is more of a diva now, and that’s not my personality. I’m extra credit but I don’t treat people a certain kind of way.”

She also denied that she was ever jealous of Quad and instead thought of them as a duo.

“I thought we were unique, we came from Tennessee, I thought it was something different,” said Mariah. “I always expected her to blow up, the fact that they said that was just crazy to me. When they started saying that, it really threw me off. I was never jealous or looked at her like that.”

Watch Mariah Huq on Reality With The King with Carlos King below.

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