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After Playboi Carti finessed popular streamer Adin Ross for $2M for a 6-minute livestream, celebrities gave their reaction to the situation.

When it comes to the entertainment business doing anything without a contract is a risky situation that usually doesn’t end well.

In the case of streamer Adin Ross that seems to be the case as he was so eager to have Playboi Carti on his livestream that he allegedly offered him $2M and a Ferrari for an hour appearance.


According to Adin who discussed the debacle with his fans, Carti was scheduled to arrive on stream after his Grammy performance with Travis Scott but he allegedly arrived hours late and refused to come into the building. Hours after that, he reportedly returned and finally came on stream standing while wearing a mask that he said was gifted to him by Kanye West.

The rapper spoke very little during his time on camera and things were noticeably awkward between him and Ross.

“They’ve been waiting for you for two hours bro, they love you so much bro,” said Ross.

“I love you,” said Carti.

“This is your first time doing streaming, right bro?” said Adin. “I got you bro.”


He then handed Playboi Carti a bag of cash that he appeared to count before leaving after just six minutes. A very frustrated Adin was then seen apologizing to his 500,000 live viewers while trying to make sense of what just happened.


In the video above, Soulja Boy who we assume was watching the awkward situation go down, called to check on Adin. Soulja seemed genuinely concerned and befuddled like everyone else viewing. After that, Adin called 21 Savage who was unaware of the situation and said he would watch and then call him back according to HipHopDX.

Less than 5 minutes later, Savage called the streamer in disbelief.

“$2 million for six minutes, bro? You paid for six minutes,” Savage asked as Adin denied that Carti was paid the full amount, to which the “No Heart” rapper countered: “I just seen you give him a bag of cash.”

Not only did 21 Savage weigh in, but of course, once the news made its rounds to other streamers they reacted to the stream for content.

Kai Cenat and Flight Reacts had the same confused reactions as everyone else and collectively agreed that over 500,000 people witnessed a robbery in real-time.

You can watch the streaming world react to the Playboi Carti heist below.



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