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Rich Paul & Adele ,65th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Rich Paul & Adele – Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

During a recent interview, Klutch Sports agent Rich Paul detailed how he responsibly “set fire to the rain” for V-Day with his crooning queen, Adele.

“I am not cheap. I got to be frugal, I have to save it for a rainy day,” said Paul.

Earlier this week rumors swirled that the Golden State Warriors tried to trade for LeBron James, and naturally his agent/close friend Rich Paul decided to address the chatter.

On  Valentine’s Day, Rich Paul took some time away from swooning the singer to chat with the host on The Stephen A. Smith Show.

According to CBS Sport, Paul admitted there might be truth to the trade rumors but LeBron is still “committed to the Lakers.”

“Jeanie [Buss] has been an incredible partner for him and us, and I think it’s important for that to be understood and to be respected,” said Paul. “Obviously there’s ups and downs and emotions throughout the course of a season, but ultimately, LeBron’s committed to the Lakers.”


And while the NBA chatter was interesting, things got especially spicy when Stephen A. Smith attempted to get details on Rich Paul’s personal life asking if he wanted to wish anyone a “Happy Valentine’s Day”, clearly wondering if the agent would talk about his Grammy-winning girlfriend, Adele.

After some coaxing, Paul eventually took the bait and told Stephen A. Smith that he was looking forward to spending time with his lady. He also denied the sportscaster’s allegations that he’s a cheapskate and instead said that he’s “frugal.”

“Adele and I are going to have a great Valentine’s Day. She is special to me and she knows that. I am looking forward to it,” Rich Paul told Stephen A. Smith at the 38:30 mark.

“You know you can’t be cheap right?” retorted Stephen A. Smith. I know how frugal you can be. You know you can e

“No, no, no, no.. first of all Stephen A. if anybody knows me, they know I am not cheap. I got to be frugal, I have to save it for a rainy day… I always come from a place of balance, but I have taste and I have class, and when you date a guy like me, every day is Valentine’s Day.”


The relationship between Stephen A. Smith and Rich has come a long way since their heated disputes over LeBron James’ GOAT status. Taking dating advice from Stephen A. probably wasn’t on Paul’s Valentine’s Day bingo card, but we can’t say the advice was wrong.

You can watch the full interview with Rich Paul below.


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