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According to Keke Palmer’s mom, nobody’s coming to see you, Otis! Sarunas! Sharon Palmer said Sarunas Jackson only filed for a temporary restraining order against Keke for “clout chasing” because she “never wants to see him again” anyway.

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Yikes! Keke and baby daddy Darius Jackson are trying to resolve the custody battle over their son, Leodis, in private. However, the very public family feuding is far from over. RadarOnline reports her mom re-entered the chat, accusing Darius’ big brother Sarunas of trying to use his court filing to stay relevant.

As BOSSIP previously reported, Sarunas filed for restraining orders against Keke and Sharon in January. The Insecure actor accused them of “harassment,” claiming his lawyer recently received an email with “false allegations” against him. Sarunas requested protection for himself, his mother, his father, and another one of his brothers because he says the accusations led to “banging at our door from strangers.”

“She has made foul claims that I have sexual abuse claims on me when I do not,” he wrote in the filing. “I have never done such a thing. She has gone to the media & has used her celebrity [sic] to publicly lie on [sic] my family and myself, which has resulted in death threats by the public [sic],” Sarunas claimed in the filing.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied the older Jackson brother’s request. Later this month, Sarunas can try again at another hearing to prove that Keke allegedly “stalked” his friends and family and “caused career damage.” He also accused Sharon of threatening to have both brothers assaulted following Keke’s complaints of emotional and domestic abuse.

Sharon Palmer Says Sarunas Jackson’s “Clout Chasing Must Stop,” Tells Him To Focus On His Own Bitter Baby Daddy Battles

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Meanwhile, Ms. Sharon says she’s “totally confused” about Sarunas “trying to serve someone who never wants to see him again ever in life.” She could only surmise that this legal maneuver was an attempt to keep his name in headlines like Darius’.

“God bless him, but this clout chasing must stop,” she added.

Considering Sarunas’ own ongoing custody battle and abusive baby daddy allegations, Sharon says he’s focused on the wrong family. “He should concern himself with his own child,” Sharon said. After all, Rap Sh!t actress DomiNique Perry called out Sarunas for “mental and physical abuse.”

He denied all sexual and domestic violence allegations, saying, “I have never done such a thing.”

Sarunas will return to court on February 29 to defend his restraining order request against Sharon and Keke Palmer.


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