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During #RHOP’s season 8 finale, viewers were stunned to see Mia Thornton have a fiery falling out with her estranged husband Gordon Thornton who laid their issues out on the (Bravo) table. 

“If you want fair go to a carnival!” the 71-year-old quipped to his 39-year-old wife who admitted to being booed up with her high school sweetheart/ “soulmate.” 

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On Sunday, viewers witnessed a candid conversation between Mia and Gordon, delving into the reasons behind their split. Mia also openly discussed the factors that contributed to the downfall of their marriage.

He doesn’t want me to divorce him. He doesn’t want me to stay with him. And had he not gone to TMZ who knows we probably would have figured things out,” Mia said during a confessional on Sunday’s episode.  

The reality TV star cited Gordon’s 2023 interview with TMZ as the cause of her continuing to push for their separation. 

At the time of the interview, the 71-year-old entrepreneur claimed the housewife was “sneaking around” with another man and said that the housewife only married him for his money.  

Slamming the claims, Mia said Gordon became upset after watching the show’s trailer, in which she mentioned the possibility of marrying him for his wealth.

“He didn’t like that at all,” Mia said. “And honestly, I feel like that’s why TMZ came out. 

During Sunday’s finale, Mia clarified that financial concerns weren’t the driving force behind her decision to end her marriage with Gordon.

“If I were to be leaving my marriage because of financial reasons – I would’ve left seven or eight years ago,” the RHOP cast member confessed. “He was spending an excessive amount of money… and just not home, staying out at strip clubs, coming in at the middle of the night.”

The Joint Chiropractic co-owner emphasized that her decision to leave stemmed from feeling exhausted and the sense of losing herself. Now that Mia and Gordon are no longer together, the housewife has welcomed a new man into her life Inc, a man whom she was romantically involved with in the past. 

Gordon And Mia Hashed Out Their Differences On The Season Finale Of #RHOP


During a face-to-face chat with Gordon, the former married couple opened up about their marriage woes. Gordon said he was frustrated with Mia for bringing her new man Inc — a Radio One personality and host of “Posted On The Corner”— around their children and home.


Their son Jeremiah caught the housewife “sleeping” with Inc on one occasion, Gordon claimed.

 In a confessional, Mia revealed that Inc was her high school sweetheart and she disclosed to Gordon her previous involvement with him and even admitted to sleeping with Inc shortly after their wedding. 

 “It’s a very unfortunate situation,” said Mia about her infidelity. “We went to counseling and we moved on from it.”

Gordon, on the other hand, disclosed to Mia on his 70th birthday that due to his prostate cancer, he was comfortable with her seeking companionship elsewhere as long as discretion was maintained, and their children were not involved. Gordon however said Mia broke their agreement when she allowed Inc to enter the home.

“Juju asked me, dad why is mommy trying to replace you with Mr. Inc?” said Gordon during the #RHOP finale.

“In this case, you did both, you were careless, coming in at 2 o’clock in the morning,” he added. “I look at the phone bill you and he talking from the time you leave to two minutes before you get home and get in the garage. Then you will take him around the kids.”

Mia replied, “Gordon, if you gave me your blessing then why are you so upset?”

Without hesitation, the businessman responded, “Because you were throwing it in my face and you took the kids around him.”

Hit the flip for more of Mia and Gordon’s fallout.

Gordon Claimed That Inc Has Been “Trying To Break Up” His Marriage

Mia disclosed that she resumed her relationship with Inc in April, with Gordon’s full knowledge. However, Gordon contested that their open relationship did not extend to Inc.

“She told me he was ‘my safe zone, he’s my soulmate,’” Gordon recounted to a #RHOP producer. “She told me all this. Now she’s denying it.”

Gordon questioned Mia about the paternity of their 8-year-old son named Jeremiah. He pondered if the youngster was Inc’s biological child. Mia clarified that she had informed Gordon years ago about the possibility of the child not being his, to which Gordon responded with love and commitment to raising the child regardless.

Regarding paternity, Mia mentioned to her producer that no paternity test was ever requested. She also highlighted the challenges they faced due to Gordon’s legal battles with his family.

Despite the turmoil, Gordon expressed his willingness to move past the issues for the sake of their children. However, Mia questioned whether remaining in the marriage was the right choice.

“The life I’m living now isn’t aligned with what God intends for me,” she added, Bravo TV noted. “I need to follow my heart, and whatever unfolds, I’ll accept.”

Mia Brings Inc To #WWHL, Speaks On Their Relationship

During Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Mia revealed more details about her romance with Inc.

Following the finale, the #RHOP bombshell appeared with her boo in the clubhouse and revealed that she and Inc met when they were 16 in high school.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not work out over the years because of their “careers,” but fate brought them back together unexpectedly in April. 

Mia revealed that co-parenting with Gordon post-separation has been successful. Calling him “a great guy” and “a good father,” the star said she was happy to see the 71-year-old patriarch showing up for their kids, but in marriage, it was different to navigate his complicated issues and demands. According to the housewife, Gordon liked to have “threesomes” and other women involved in their marriage. 

“I just realized I’m not sure if this is something I want forever.”

It looks like what Mia does want forever is Inc.

In the comments section of a coupled-up photo featuring Inc. and Mia sharing a kiss, the housewife sent a sweet message to her “love.”

“You are Love — Unconditional love, love that doesn’t waver,” wrote Mia. “You are Patience, Honesty, Peace, and Protection. I feel safe when I’m with you and you keep me deeply rooted in our faith. I feel so blessed to have you in my life, you make me better My INC.

— Love, MIAmor”


She also revealed that she and Inc share a special angel number; 444, which is symbolic of their relationship.

Watch a clip of Mia Thornton speaking on Inc/ her Gordon Thornton separation on Watch What Happens Live below.

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