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Brian McKnight x Tyrese

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After Tyrese defended Brian McKnight amid ongoing allegations he “disowned” his biological children, Black Ty was dragged to Baby Boy bits by not only fans but McKnight’s son who told him to stay “out” of his family’s drama. “Tyrese used to sleep under the pool table when I was a kid,” said the fed-up offspring of the Back At One singer. 


Recently, while reacting to McKnight’s April 13 Instagram post in which urged his followers to remove negativity from their lives, “‘even if that evil and negativity is related [to you],’” radio personality Rickey Smiley, 55, sent a sweet message to McKnight’s biological children, Brian Jr., Niko, and Briana, offering them love and support.

“I just wanna say to Brian McKnight kids — to all of his kids — the ones that he said that’s born in evil, born out of evil … whatever he claims or whatever — that you have a lot of support out here,” Smiley said in his Instagram video posted May 6.

The video also had a caption that read, “A message to Brian McKnight’s Disowned Children.”

Tyrese Responded To Rickey Smiley, Niko McKnight Entered The Chat & Shaded Tyrese

Social media users speculated that McKnight’s remarks on evil and negativity were aimed at his children, Brian Jr., Niko, and Briana, who have openly expressed feelings of abandonment by their famous father. Tyrese intervened to support his R&B comrade amid criticism from Smiley and other online detractors accusing the “Anytime” crooner of “disowning” his children.


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In a series of video posts shared to his Instagram Story on May 7, the Baby Boy actor said; 

“I want to talk to my brother Rickey Smiley and I want to say to you that it is unfair in my grown ass man opinion to say that, that man, and his ex-wife and the mother of his kids which are now grown adults, past 30 years old. Whatever their specific dynamic is, there’s a bunch of things that have been said and done over the years that is nobody’s business that has contributed to where they are. This is not fair to say, ‘Well, they my kids’, or ‘Their grown, they are adults, and so I ain’t ever gone turn my back on my kids…’ Kids out here be saying some f—ked up sh-t.  Kids be out here, going above and beyond to cross you.”

He added;

“What I am talking about is I feel like it is not fair to act as if relationships between men and their children… can’t fall apart, can’t become extremely volatile and toxic.”

Tyrese’s show of support for McKnight did not sit well with Niko, whom Brian McKnight shares with ex-wife, Julie McKnight.


In an Instagram story posted Tuesday, Niko cautioned Tyrese, who is currently embroiled in a heated child support battle with his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell, to stay out of his family’s business.

“Tyrese used to sleep under our pool table when I was a kid,” Niko penned in his InstaStory according to PEOPLE.

“I know the 90s RnB brotherhood blood is thicker than anything but you should sit this one out champ. You have relationships to fix with your own children and your own past decisions you’ve made on behalf of p—- and power.”

The photographer, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment, continued;

“The allegiance to those two things is what keeps you guys from seeing that the only thing that matters in the end is family. Real men can see past the bulls—.”

Referencing Tyrese iconic role in Baby Boy, Niko took one last jab at the “Sweet Lady” singer before signing off. 

“Let me stop though. This 46-hr chemo infusion has me ready to fade Jody. That’s not right. Peace and Prosperity,” Niko concluded.

Tyrese Said He Was “Triggered” By Rickey Smiley’s Comments

Tyrese hopped into the comments section of the Shade Room after they reposted his video criticizing Smiley to offer more insight on why he was “triggered’ by the radio personality’s statement.

“I was actually triggered by this comment that Ricky Smiley made because I’ll say it again when someone disrespects you, cross you, takes advantage of you takes your kindness for weakness and they go above and beyond to disrespect your new husband or your new wife or your new significant other. [ and this is not with Brian McKnight kids.

I actually don’t know anything about the details of his first lady Mrs. McKnight or his actual adult kids nor is it none of my business. ] I know it takes a village, but it’s very easy to stand with and support somebody else’s kids that become adults that haven’t disrespected the sh-t out of you specifically so when you go through things with your friends, your neighbors, your family, and your own kids or your ex-husband and wives, it automatically create a wedge in between that dynamic. I don’t believe in owning or throwing people away, however, don’t think it’s any of our best specifically and purposely wake up every day to hang out with pain or disrespectful people who cross you constantly,” he penned.

“Have a blessed day I said what I said I would love for y’all to chime in. If y’all decide to just talk shit about Tyrese that’s fine. I got some thoughts and I got some feelings and I’m very expressive. Feel free to chime in if you want me, have fun if you actually wanna be mature and men and talk about the things that I just shared in this text we’re listening. I think we all learn a lot from having this honest adult mature dialogue.”

McKnight, along with his wife Leilani, joyfully welcomed their 16-month-old son, Brian Kainoa Makoa, in 2023. On his Instagram profile, the singer proudly identifies himself as the father of Julia and Jack, his stepchildren, along with Brian Kainoa Makoa.


In October 2023, Brian McKnight Sr. faced a wave of online criticism following his Instagram announcement that he had legally changed his name to become a senior to his newborn son, Brian Kainoa Makoa Jr.

The move puzzled some internet users, especially considering that the 54-year-old R&B icon is already a senior to his 34-year-old son, Brian McKnight Jr. whom he also shares with ex-wife Julie McKnight. McKnight reportedly welcomed his eldest daughter, Briana, with Patricia Driver. 

Any thoughts on this messy drama?


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