Arrests: The Black Guy That Is NOT LeVar Burton From “Star Trek” Gets Busted For DUI

Arrests: The Black Guy That WASN'T LeVar Burton From "Star Trek" Gets Busted For DUI

We’re sure he wishes he was light years away right now. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men at Melting Pot party at Asphalt Klub Berlin

Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men were seen getting their party on in Germany. Continue »

For The Ladies: A Shirtless Craig David Gets His Workout On In Miami Beach [Photos]

Craig David Looking Ripped On Miami Beach

Dayuuumm, ladies, we haven’t seen your boy Craig David working out topless in Miami Continue »

Fellas Is This Right? Tionna Smalls Says Men Love Abuse in New Book

Fellas Is This Right? Tionna Smalls Says Men Love Abuse in New Book

Ladies, it’s a new year and you know what that means… time for a new man! And Tionna Smalls wants to help your single butt find the man of your dreams. But first, you have to read her book. “Be a bi**h and you will get hitched” is the philosophy that Tionna Smalls is teaching women to apply in their romantic lives to land a new boo thang in her book, “Men Love Abuse: The Guide to Losing the Image of Being the Nice Girl & Getting the Man You Want!”

Following up to her successful, award winning book, “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!” (HarperCollins, 2011), Smalls is tackling the issue of nice girls finishing last. “Men Love Abuse” is a honest book helping women become strong when dating a man by telling them not to call too much or to not to take any crap from a man. Smalls philosophy is, “be a bitch and you will get hitched.”

Men only understand strength, so if you want that guy, you better “abuse” him. Never the one to promote violence, Tionna uses the word “abuse” as a metaphor to treating guys not so nice.

The reader will leave feeling empowered and ready to take on any man they are dating or soon to date. The rules are fun and easy and Smalls breaks down the problems and solutions to any issue that may come up in a “ship” (friendship, courtship, or relationship).

…But who is still letting this woman write books and host dating shows while Chilli is still walking around as single as a dollar bill??

Fellas is this right? Are you all attracted to mean girls?

Remember Me?: Patra Pulls Up To A Bumper To Perform With A Roots Jam Session [Video]

Patra looks to have lost some weight, but is still sporting the same camo cat suit from the mid 90′s!! Continue »

Newly Found Kris Jenner 80′s Music Video With O.J. Simpson! [Video]

This video was done for Kris and by Kris… can you say “Full-Of-Yourself?” Continue »

Some Afternoon Chocolate: Singer Q Parker Drops Another Fitness Calendar For A Good Cause [Pics]

Q Parker Releases Second Fitness Calendar Benefiting Cancer Research

Ladies, we know some of you might be tempted to let it be February for a few months starting now. Continue »

Do You Recognize This Former NBA Point Guard???

Spud Webb attends the Rick's Basketball Association press conference at Rick's Cabaret

This guy was seen having a good time with some with some ladies who take their clothes Continue »

Remember Us???

day 26

Y’all remember Day 26 from Diddy’s “Making The Band”??? Continue »

Heavy D Video Memorial: All The Greatest Songs Young Bucks Never Heard! [Video]

This was one of his later hits. Turn the page to go back in time, or before your time.

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