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September 27th, 2013
10:27 AM EST

Dear Bossip: His Ex Won’t Leave Him & I Go Above And Beyond For Him Even Making Him Comfortable Financially

Dear Bossip,

We’ve been dating since 2011. I just turned 23 years old, and he’ll be 34 years old this year.

September 26th, 2013
2:33 PM EST

Race Matters: Sloth-Looking White Man Posts Craigslist Ad Specifying His Dislike For Black Women & Women Who Sleep With Black Men

This facially-challenged racist bachelor has $1,500 for the person who can find him the thin, non-black woman of his dreams…

August 21st, 2013
2:51 PM EST

Dirty Dog Denials? Lebron James Responds To Rumors He Tried Getting Some On The Side Before Making Savannah His Bride

With his wedding just a few weeks away Lebron ain’t letting anything bring him down.

August 13th, 2013
8:13 AM EST
August 12th, 2013
1:47 PM EST

Eminem Gets Limited Edition G-Shock Watch [Photos]

Eminem helped celebrate the 30th anniversary of G-Shock watches by performing in NYC at the Shock The World


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