July 25th 12:57pm

Rumor Control: Brett “Frontal Flashing” Favre Probably Won’t Join The Eagles…Or Any NFL Team For That Matter

Despite rumors of his return, it looks like Brett will stay away, leaving him more time to get his amateur modeling career off the ground.

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July 25th 12:21pm

New Music: M.I.A. Drops “27″ In Dedication Of Amy Winehouse

We’re not the only ones that noticed how many great artists left the land of the living at the age of 27.

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July 25th 12:16pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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July 25th 11:57am

Does Fame Kill?

It tends to highlight what might already be there.

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July 25th 11:43am

Are You A Future Wife Or Forever Wifey???

Today’s discussion is about “getting that ring”- or more specifically, “are you ever going to get that ring?”

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July 25th 11:42am

Elsewhere In The World: Crazy Norwegian Gunman ” Anders Behring Breivik” Said To Have Two More Terrorist Cells Working With Him!

This is under investigation after ‘ole boy stated that he “did all that killing” on his own:

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July 25th 11:28am

RihRih Says Madonna Helped Inspire Her To Do Ho Isht

We probably have Madonna to thank for Rihanna’s love of streetwalker wear and chameleon ways.

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July 25th 11:00am

Hating Tyler Perry: Why Does He Raise the Ire of the Black Intelligentsia?

If Perry Can Do Bad All By Himself, Should Black Critics Assign His Films to “Perry’s Inferno”?

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